"Do it with me! !”

Xiaobai doesn’t shrink back. As soon as Mao appeared, he immediately took people out of the bunker, and the central part of the compound was blocked by the other side to refute the fire at close range! !
"Share a fire for Lao Wu!" Ye Xiao also shouted "Come out with me!"
Three people instantly filled the central position of the hospital, and when people gathered together, they went straight to the main room!
Xiaoqin’s younger brother was stunned and shouted, "Stop the gun for me!"
"I can’t stop these people from killing themselves, and those who use C4 as grenades to throw old hair … I can’t stop it!" The guy next to him shouted, "Run!"
"Come back here and fuck your mother! I’ll shoot whoever runs!" Xiaoqin’s brother stormed and shouted.
Ye Xiao twist a head blunt come over "who are you fucking going to shoot? !”
Xiaoqin smell twist a head.
"High-pitched …!"
Several shots were fired, and Xiaoqin’s younger brother, three Ma Zai, was just about to run back and was shot directly!
Wu Tianyin rushed to the door of the main building with old hair and small white, and four grenades forcibly smashed the doors and windows and entered the room in less than ten seconds!
On the left side of the living room, Wang Zongxiang waved his hand and said, "Run to the back door!"
Wu Tianyin directly pulled the trigger after aiming at Wang Zongxiang at the window.
Wang Zongxiang is not in a hurry to prevent his back to the end!
Xiaobai rushed over with people and Wang Zongxiang stepped on his head before he tried to pick up the gun.
"Come … come …!" Wang Zongxiang urgently shouted around.
"Come? Fuck you. Look around. Are you still there? !” Xiaobai bent down to look at him and raised his gun and scolded, "I spent the night killing your family!"
Wang Zongxiang was shocked
"Small white! ! Stop it! " Wu Tianyin pulled the neck and yelled.
"Mom has a B mountain. If you die, you will not do anything when you are old. You will only kill Wang!" Small white mind a hot directly pulled the trigger.
The sansheng gunshot area has been tossing for months. Wang Zongxiang, the most famous Wang family, died. He didn’t even say a word of pleading in his hand!
Wu tianyin rushed from behind in a hurry and smashed Xiao Bai’s back with a gun. "You are stupid, how can you save the mountain!"
"There are so many people in the room who are short of him!" Xiao Bai replied and immediately waved his hand and shouted, "Come with me to the second floor!"
Pianfang yard
Xiaoqin’s other brother protected her and was rushing outside to shoot wildly.
Six Russians gathered together next to the wing and smashed the window with the butt stock and squatted at the edge of the square wall.
"Swish swish …!"
Six people pull the thunder together and throw it in through the window.