"Yes, you can squeeze the protective light curtain into this sample, even a quasi-fairy can’t do it, but that’s all. You can’t break your protective defense." The words of the Dragon King in the East China Sea are gentle, and a pair of eyes look at the words of Jade Duxiu without any emotion.

Looking at Jade Duxiu’s confrontation with Dragon King in the East China Sea, the strong people didn’t intervene. They just looked on coldly and swept the array without cutting the immortal flying knife. Jade Duxiu, a treasure of fate, was not seen by the strong people.
"Really?" Jade Duxiu’s mouth slightly tilted "reverse the transformation of Yin and Yang"
The dragon ball sends out a curtain of light, and it is instantly broken and melted into a hole. The Dragon King in the East China Sea can’t believe that the jade in his eyes has fallen on the Dragon King in the East China Sea.
Blood and rain are flying all over the sky, and the dragon king in the East China Sea is full of flesh and blood. Only one kilometer-long thick dragon tendon is caught by Yu Duxiu. This dragon tendon is full of glory and shimmers with golden light, and the ancient halo escapes from the dragon tendon.
The dry Kun in the palm of Jade Duxiu saw that the dragon tendon was swallowed up by the palm world like noodles, and then Jade Duxiu turned into a rainbow and instantly retreated.
"psst ~"
The great powers in the heavens gasped at this time, and the quasi-immortals were frightened.
"What means is this?"
"It’s incredible that the Dragon King in the East China Sea was broken by a wonderful show and the dragon tendons were removed from his flesh."
"I won’t be wrong."
In the distance, all the quasi-immortals were whispering, and their eyes were full of disbelief. That’s a strong man. It’s unbelievable that he was injured by an accident monk.
When did the strong become so fragile, just like a fragile doll?
"It’s not that the East China Sea Long Junxiu weakened, but that the wonderful show attack was too strong." It’s too easy for the Godfather to show indecision in his eyes.
Jade Duxiu’s figure looks at the East China Sea Dragon King’s flesh-and-blood reorganization in the distance, and the expression of SIRS and the strong center. Jade Duxiu’s single blow will break the defense of the East China Sea Dragon King, which seems to be quite simple, but the actual blow contains two magical powers of fate.
First of all, Jade Duxiu reversed the yin and yang, confused the light of the East China Sea Dragon King’s Law, and then transformed the truth into reality, so that the law could be transformed into a virtual square, and the East China Sea Dragon King could be shattered with one blow.
"Hum, it was the time for revenge when the enemy was today." Looking at the East China Sea, Long Jun’s flesh gradually recovered and the flesh and blood were constantly reorganized. Jade Duxiu once again turned into a slap in the face and offered it.
This palm flashes several times, and the runes of the first gods are uncertain. The runes of the first gods and the first gods and the runes of the first gods and the fire are blessed into a strange combination. The innate thunder and fire have the innate divine wind to blow the fire, which doubles the power of this blow.
"It’s just a sneak attack. You’re caught off guard. You’re not so lucky this time …" The East China Sea Dragon Jun looked at Yu Duxiu’s palm with fuzzy flesh, and his face was disdainful. Before he finished speaking, the East China Sea Dragon Jun became angry.
The dragon ball fell down, and the barrier was once again penetrated by Jade Duxiu. It was inserted into the East China Sea Dragon King for seven inches. The dragon king’s body was raging. Seeing the magic of the dragon king’s body in the East China Sea, the dragon king’s body became stiff and the jade Duxiu’s hand was full of magical powers. The dragon king’s body cramped and skinned.
"Don’t you dare to offend the majestic seat and cut you to pieces." I felt that the lamella was pulled out by Jade Duxiu, and the Dragon King in the East China Sea suddenly flew into a rage. The dragon ball in his hand instantly broke down and came to Jade Duxiu’s flesh.
"Long Jun hand mercy to spare this little life" See the East China Sea Long Jun move the dragon ball body to attack all the strong people are startled and eager to shout.
Chapter 137 Be suppressed
The attack of the innate spirit treasure body makes the innate spirit treasure radiate out to the enemy, which are definitely two concepts, just like a person blowing in the mouth and slapping directly are two concepts.
The heaven and earth were broken and the dragon king in the East China Sea was shaken. This blow was caught by the tiger god’s hand, and the dragon ball was instantly hit and flew. The jade show of the dragon king in the East China Sea was also hit by this manic aftermath.
"Hum, the East China Sea Dragon King is just so much. If the natural enemy of Avatar is a witness, you are not worthy of this dead loach to give a shoe." Jade Duxiu spit out one mouthful blood and looked at the East China Sea Dragon King with a pair of mocking eyes full of unruly.
"Don’t say more about directly suppressing Miaoxiu, and don’t give Miaoxiu another chance to make a mess. We should suppress it, but we are not afraid of this small place." Seeing the East China Sea Dragon King’s bloodshot eyes and turbulent gas machine, Tai Yuan’s ancestor jumped out for fear that Jade Duxiu would be killed by the East China Sea Dragon King in a rage, and a bead in his hand was woven into a big net and shrouded in jade Duxiu.
Looking at Tai Yuan’s ancestor attacking Jade Duxiu’s wrist, he resisted the urge to use Jin Gangzhuo. Now, even if the strong people surround him, it is difficult to reverse the overall situation. It is better to use Jin Gangzhuo as a killer weapon to be reborn after reincarnation.
King Kong Zhuo was instantly put away by Jade Duxiu, and looked at Taiyuan’s ancestor’s suppression, while the innate spiritual treasure Baoyu Duxiu’s palm was dry, and all the quasi-immortals in Kun Cave used their laws to exert their power to bless the avatar in Jade Duxiu’s left hand. Seeing that Jade Duxiu’s left hand stretched out unexpectedly, it instantly held back the declining innate spiritual treasure.
Looking at the constant dropping of the innate spirit Baoyu Duxiu’s forehead, the sweat dripped out a little bit. This innate spirit Baowei was beyond the expectation of Jade Duxiu.
"If you don’t use special means, even if it is difficult to resist the ancestor’s innate Lingbao, if you use the innate hibiscus wood or Jin Gangzhuo, these two treasures can’t be destroyed after I am reincarnated, otherwise it will be wiped out by the ancestors." Jade Duxiu’s heart thinks about it in every way. After all, it is not a magic weapon to use life. It is to hold off the innate Lingbao suppression with a dozen quasi-fairy forces in the palm alone
"Not bad, not the kui is a unique place. There is still resistance. I have to tell you a very cruel thing. This innate treasure power seat has not been brought into full play." Tai Yuan’s ancestor’s eyes are full of drama and abuse. The divine light is constantly being heard, and Yu Duxiu’s palm keeps ringing, and then he sees the palm of his hand. The quasi-strong innate treasure power explodes one after another.
The godfather is too strong, and everything is a worm. It’s a bit desperate.
"bang!" Jade Duxiu’s right arm instantly turned to dust, and flesh and blood flew all over the sky.
See sirs strong fairy machine as if it were a rope. Jade Duxiu shuttles through the meridians of the orifices, and instantly seals the living body. Mana is firmly locked, and it is difficult to gather strength.
"Small this time know that the strong man is fierce, right? The front seat is just to play with you, and you still take it seriously." Tai Yuan’s ancestor withdrew his innate Lingbao and looked at Yu Duxiu with a full face of abuse.
The body power was suppressed and the avatar became the root. It was difficult to exert its power. Jade Duxiu just sat there quietly and ignored Tai Yuan’s ancestor.