After ordering all this, he threw away the pulp and stone in his hand and turned away.

It turns out that these people are lucky. When they meet someone he doesn’t want to kill for the time being, they are going to let them go.
Unfortunately, I have to die.
Chapter 16 Entering the City
As the sky gets brighter
He finally wandered slowly to the normal road.
Didn’t continue to run around in the jungle
Although it is still early at the moment, there are not many pedestrians on this road, but it is bustling and has a sense of urgency.
Except for a few of these people who are really on their way, most of them are carrying all kinds of sundries to sell in the city.
Just like every world makes sense, it is normal for low-level residents to get up early and get greedy for the dark.
Olga naturally has no feelings about this. After all, he is not a sociologist who is not prepared to study the living conditions of the bottom residents.
It was after a calm glance at them that I found a place at random without paying much attention, and then I sneaked into the crowd and walked in the established direction.
But even if he didn’t show any unnecessary behavior, his unusual appearance, dress and temperament attracted the attention around him involuntarily.
You don’t need anything extra, you can just feel his physical characteristics at the first sight.
That’s something that scares people.
It is not a sense of murder or danger, but a kind of energy that people want to look up to.
Let people know that he is a higher level.
Olga has not changed his mind about this, even though he is now behind enemy lines, which is likely to cause unnecessary trouble.
He may keep a low profile, but he never lets himself disappear from the crowd.
Besides, he never cares about other people’s eyes.
This is also the reason why even in human form, he will more or less retain some physical characteristics that have not completely become human appearance.
After all, it is impossible for the strength to reach this level.
He can become more human than human if he want to.
But he never thought about it like that and never did it like that.
In the so-called reason, there is no end.
Maybe it makes him more comfortable to insist on talking.
Straightforward, colleagues stand side by side, and their faces are serious and serious. Listen to the captain’s smelly and long speech, and tell it again today.
Like most people who listen to the leader’s bullshit, Glenn feels that his heart is suffering and the automatic filtering function of his left and right ears is being tested.
Swallowed saliva moistened his voice, which was a little dry because of his speech. After that, he was a little chubby. The middle-aged man looked at the hundreds of gatekeepers in front of him and ordered, "Well, that’s all for today. Go and beat the gate."
Then they just turned around and left, ready to find a place to sit and carefully supervise their duty.
Before he could take two steps to hear the soldiers relax and laugh behind him, he turned around and added a few more words to them. "Remember, if you don’t want to be sent to the front to fight monsters in the abyss, don’t offend those passing by. I don’t want those troubles!"
"I know!"
Hearing his words, the soldiers also have no intention to answer with a smile.
Looking at them without even thinking about it, the middle-aged man can sigh slightly and say nothing more.
Anyway, these guys can repeatedly show that he really wants something wrong, and he can’t help it.
Watching him walk aside, Glen didn’t warn him as well as others.
Laughing, he said to his companion who was about to hit the city gate, "Do you think that unlucky guy has reached the front line yet?"
Although his companion recognized his gloating tone, he didn’t mean anything.
After looking through the observation hole, the door was full of corners, waiting for them to hit the gate crowd. The soldier casually replied, "It should be fast when calculating. After all, it is usually urgent to send them to the front line. No one dares to delay."
Glenn guessed with malicious intent, "Hey, hey, hey, I don’t know how long he will live, a month or a year?"
Knowing that there were many contradictions between the two of them, the soldier shrugged his shoulders and said a number "two or three months …"
But after that, he felt that it was not necessarily a bad development, and added, "But this kind of thing is not necessarily the case. After all, all kinds of materials in that place should always have more or less opportunities to get ahead. In case he really meets the opportunity, he becomes a superior professional, so it is normal to live well there."
Hearing what he said, Glenn denied with disbelief, "It is impossible to mix out in that place. Everyone is strong. Does he deserve it?"
He clearly remember, when receiving the dispatch notice that a face of slouches expression!
Just like someone else kicked a few wild dogs.
He doesn’t believe that such people can live in that hellish place.
Seeing him say this, the soldier shrugged his shoulders and gave up the idea of continuing to discuss with each other.
It seems to him
Many times in life, I can’t tell what potential the duck rack may inspire, or maybe I didn’t see the result after all. Who knows the day when Ter really didn’t get ahead?
Although that hellhole on the front line will face the attack of the abyss monster, it also absorbs the nutrition resources of dozens of countries around it, which is far from other places. This situation is also very high for the material subsidies of various soldiers
It is precisely for this reason that although many frontline soldiers were forced to go for various reasons, many people took the initiative to go to war with their extremely high treatment.
After all, it is normal in all the world to fight for a bicycle to become a motorcycle.
It is never a problem to take risks in the face of interests.
With the completion of the preparatory work, the huge gate was finally hit slowly.
Outside, people who had already been waiting for it rushed in at once.
At this moment, the gatekeepers played a familiar role in maintaining order at the scene and collected them into the city by the way.
This is their work.
After a busy time, Glenn was burying his head in collecting money. Suddenly, he felt the noise around him quiet, so he raised his head.
Then I saw a slender figure in the crowd at a glance.
Glen’s eyes are so conspicuous that mud legs are completely in two worlds around him.
When he came over, those people who blocked in front of him automatically gave way to the road like the river was divided, and they dared not stand in front of him.
At the moment, watching each other getting closer and closer.
This is a big shot …’
The idea came to his mind.
Can Glenn face immediately hung up please smile.
Not like him, all the soldiers around him are conscious of bowing to Olga.
It’s like meet a leader who came to inspect.
However, Olga ignored their performance, looked at it lightly, threw a gold coin for them to enter the city, and then walked into the city by himself.
Glen, after they took the gold coin, they looked at Olga’s leaving back face and didn’t show any signs of being regarded as unhappy, but kept saying hello.
"Take your time"
It’s full of licking dogs
Chapter 17 Messenger of Peace
Mitsui, this city belongs to a very standard fantasy world style of western novels.
Street buildings have a taste of the earth in the Middle Ages, but they are far more exquisite and luxurious than that.
To be honest, although it is not comparable to a large city with a sense of science fiction in the wizard world.
And the bottom abyss lava wasteland, which can be 10 thousand meters high just by the city wall, is even more incomparable.
But overall, it’s not bad.
No matter the street layout or all kinds of infrastructure are perfect.
At the very least, I don’t worry about the situation that shit will pour over my head at any time in the Middle Ages.
After all, it has been developed for so many years, and the basic sanitation conditions are also