For a political strongman, this performance is absolutely rude. Yang Shen’s talk about flying cranes is also a general theory of talent. They can’t get benefits before them, but they also have a hearing before these views. It is impossible to fight back.

"Long live the viceroy’s high opinion, so believing that the viceroy really knows people well. What you said really enlightens the old man. Many things that I didn’t expect in the past are now understood."
Yang Chengzu ha ha a smile. "Yuan Weng, these are all junior people’s superficial words. It’s not acceptable to Daya Gallery. I hope you can deal with salt merchants or restore China and France. It’s purely out of public interest. Maybe we walk differently, but the goal is the same. It’s the same to make this day better. If Yuan Weng doesn’t tell the official to leave."
Like this kind of records, Yang Chengzu, who took the initiative to leave the military attache, was almost the first one who waited in line outside yangfu to summon a military commander, even if he sat on the bench for half a month, he dared not be so presumptuous, but Yang Tinghe stopped him.
"All roads lead to Rome? It’s really very important for people to go to what goal, but it’s equally important to take what road to achieve this goal. We can’t ignore the process of reaching the goal just because our goal is right. The viceroy may think that it’s old and pedantic, but I want to advise the viceroy that it’s because of the rules that this day has come. You said that those things make sense, but even if there are no rules, no matter how much sense there is, it won’t save the day. "
Yang Chengzu solemnly gave a ceremony. "Yuan Weng said that you are a scholar, a sage, and a way of seeking truth from the world. I hope that there will be a universal rule in heaven and earth. Everyone of us will live according to this rule, and whoever breaks this rule will be a sinner for whatever purpose. Your viewpoint is supported. If there is no rule in heaven, it will not be all day."
Yang Chengzu first agreed with Yang Tinghe’s point of view, and then said, "But officials are military, and people are different when they are born in the street. I know that there are too many things. There are no bad people who don’t obey the rules and good people obey the rules, so good people will be passively beaten everywhere, even if they can win in the end, but they will pay a heavy price before they win. I don’t want to take advantage of myself, and I don’t want my family to take shortcuts when they suffer losses. It doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong to do so. Of course, it’s important to obey
After these words, he bowed his hand and said goodbye. After watching his back disappear, he talked about releasing cranes outside the teahouse and asked, "What do you think, teacher?"
"This man is really a rare pillar of mine, but it’s a pity that he has gone the wrong way. Just like that new army, no matter how good a soldier he is, it’s not a blessing place for all people. This man must find a way to get rid of it. Now that he has decided to go this way, don’t blame others for paying the price."
When the three men left the teahouse, Yang Shen frowned and recalled the words of the means of production, while Yang Tinghe frowned thoughtfully in the sedan chair. Some problems that had puzzled him for a long time seemed to come naturally and found a solution. The whole person’s thinking was unusually smooth, but the terminal of this road was extremely dangerous, which made the records feel cold.
Chapter nine hundred and eleven Goldwind and high curative value (a)
Yang Chengzu left the teahouse and went directly to Princess Yongshou’s house. Since Chiang Kai-shek knew about him and Yongshou, they changed from a land state to a semi-land state.
Of course, due to the public opinion of the times, it is definitely impossible for the officials to know, but now the factory and the health department are firmly controlled by Yang Chengzu. The outstanding officials in the punishments yamen are all Qin Zongdi’s proteges, and almost all of them have been brought to the East Factory by him. The whole punishments can be caught on the table, which is a good year for the gods to be transferred from Huguang.
With such an array, it is purely a dream to keep an eye on Yang Chengzu and put enough eyeliner around the Princess House. If anyone has eyes and ears, his life may be touched off. Yang Chengzu will be reckless and go back and forth with Yongshou into the mansion door to meet her. Not only is Yongshou smiling, Yongchun called her brother-in-law sweetly after seeing him, and then he skipped over. "Brother-in-law, you are late today. My sister and I have been waiting for you here for half a day."
She will go to Baiyi Temple to practice her eyes years later, which is the most free state. She occasionally lives in the palace and occasionally lives in her sister. No one cares about such a future. The nun who is about to escape is not able to see through the world of mortals. She is a little more energetic than in the past, as if she was sure that she would never marry again. After that, she was in a good mood and her spirit got better.
"There’s nothing to think about. Who would have thought of meeting Yang Tinghe and being stumped by him?"
Yongshou good-looking a frown "Yang Xindu? What does he want with you? It must be bad for one of his records to find someone. Is it because he caught those dogs? No, those people are from the Ministry of Industry. They don’t need him to come forward. Are they mostly salt merchants? "
"Madam, Yang Xin is very powerful. The man around him who talks about flying cranes is also a wise man who actually guessed our idea. You also know that I want to talk about salt administration. Anyone who wants to make money on the sea trade business has not spread salt or is the first thing in the world will attract people’s attention. Kuang Yangji went in this market. They didn’t panic. Yang Tinghe didn’t blame it. There is nothing wrong with putting horses and chariots to show an attitude. Otherwise, he would be welcome. This is no different from the underworld. The boss will come out and reason with you. Let the younger brother show a muscle. See me in this scene.
Yongshou hand gently poked his head "the somebody else is records you don’t care about him? Bragging should also have a draft, okay? Well, he’s a wise man and won’t mess around with you. Be careful not to be caught by him. Otherwise, it’s not easy for us to help you there … No, I forgot that the queen is now on your side. Then you can ask the queen to think about how you helped her in the evil tiger farm and let her blow the pillow wind with Viva, and you will have passed everything. "
Her elder sister-in-law and sister-in-law are very harmonious. Although they knew each other when they were in Anlu, they were always closer than strangers. There is nothing to say about Sun Xueniang’s life. When she was in Anlu, people felt comfortable and ready-made. The queen’s performance was also virtuous and virtuous.
He was very kind to Chiang and Zhang, and he personally served Zhang’s soup and medicine palace. Yongshou couldn’t find out what was wrong with her, but a woman with a real lover still had an intuition. Although she looked very close to Viva, she didn’t care about her brother.
If you think about it yourself, it’s harmful to say it, but it doesn’t prevent her from joking with her man. It’s no secret that Doby is boring Yang Chengzu and Suet Leung. Even Jiajing doesn’t eat this fly vinegar. After all, there is no stranger who lives forever, so he doesn’t mind.
Furthermore, after Suet Leung became a queen, she won’t count the treasures except for her shares in Yang Ji. Because she is righteous in the name of gratitude, even the sky has no position to refuse to live forever. Although she won’t say anything, it’s hard to make something uncomfortable in her heart. At this time, she took advantage of the opportunity and got up with Yang Chengzu’s waist and soft flesh.
Yang Chengzu repeatedly raised his hand and begged for mercy. "Good mother, this is a great injustice to you. This is a crime and punishment. It’s unfair. I didn’t say to ask the empress for help. Who am I, the commander-in-chief of the royal family, and I’m afraid of an old man? I’ve told Yang Xin all the truth. Now that he sees me, I’m going to bow down and dare not provoke me. "
Three people talking and laughing all the way to the room, Luo Po brought tea and fruit and went out to live forever and see Yongchun and Yang Chengzu.
"Second sister is going to take her hair to practice in Baiyi Temple after the New Year. Now you take her out to play. If you take more people this time, I’ll kill you if you act like that again."
"Sister, you go with us." Yongchun heard that he was going out with his brother-in-law. His face was slightly red and his head was low, shaking Yongshou’s arm, but then he was knocked down by Yongshou’s head.
"You’re so old, but you’re still talking like a child. My son is still waiting for me to play with him. When can I accompany you two? I haven’t heard of that sentence. Everything is enough. What sister, xianggong, can be abandoned? Let’s go. Let’s go. Don’t affect me."
"Say it’s like you gave birth to yourself. I have a share here, too. How can you amuse yourself and tease together?"
"Bah! Your family hasn’t had enough fun yet, and you still want to rob me. Believe it or not, I’ll let Luo Po beat you up and go out with Yongchun. Don’t go home until it’s dark. "
Three people talking and laughing for a while or by Yang Chengzu and Yongchun made a godsend, and laughed and laughed with Yongshou for a while. It was almost noon before Yongchun changed his clothes. As Yang Chengzu left the back door, this time there were hundreds of guards behind them, even if there were any Jiang Yang thieves, they couldn’t stand it.
It’s no problem to arrange Ann in this way, but then the problem is that these two people have no secrets. Although they walk side by side, they always keep an arm’s length from each other and dare not get too close. Yongchun is blushing and blushing more shy than a hand-in-hand tour.
I don’t know what I was thinking until I left for a long time. Suddenly I bowed my head and said, "My brother-in-law is very likable. When I see him, I want to kiss him in the face. You say … you say if I have a baby in the future, will it be as likable as a gift?"
"Of course, you are so cute. Having a baby must be like you don’t like that naughty boy … Yongchun, that’s not what I mean. Don’t think much about it. Although the white nunnery is built now, my brother-in-law can still find a way for you if you don’t want to become a monk."
"To find a way to? Even the mother has decided this matter. How dare you do something? Aren’t you afraid of … mother and emperor brother angry? "
"I’m afraid. How can I be afraid? But I said I would protect you and make you happy. I always want to do whatever you want. My brother-in-law will protect you and promise to clean up for you."
Yong-chun stopped talking a little deeper when he heard this, and he no longer bowed his head and thought about something, and suddenly he strode forward regardless of grabbing Yang Chengzu’s sleeve.
Chapter nine hundred and twelve Goldwind and high curative value (2)
With so many guards behind him, this trip is destined to be safe, but it is also because of these people that Yongchun’s interest has been greatly reduced. He ate a few snacks on the roadside and went to a small theater to listen to a play, so he took Yang Chengzu back and forth for just over an hour.
This small theater is newly built, simple and low-paid, and the actors’ skills are not much better. These people are not members of Yang Ji’s troupe, but some people who want to make a fortune by taking advantage of the wind when they see Yang Ji’s red fire. The actors have some theatrical skills, but they have never learned to sing Peking Opera. Yang Ji found some clients to teach them a lesson, which is sloppy and can fool some poor people.
On singing, it’s definitely impossible to talk about his basic skills, but it’s very interesting to sing songs. Actually, it’s because of nausea that the civet cats are changed. After the stroke of Notre Dame Zhang, Jiajing has ordered several performances in this play, so that eunuchs and maids can go to see it casually. However, the level is as low as a fairy, and Yang Chengzu naturally can’t go to Taiwan. It’s all good actors in Yang Ji’s class, and there are many rewards.
Some eunuchs probably recorded a few minutes after reading the operas, and then commissioned people to sing them and sold them to the outside troupe to perform Yang Chengzu. Their performances must be quite different, and the performance effect was not bad. People cheered from time to time.
There are also some well-informed people who have written novels and divination news, such as the play is from the palace, which involves a lot of words, reflecting their extensive knowledge
When I got home, Yongshou was teasing the God-given mother with toys. I kept giggling and saw them coming back. "Why are you so early today?" Is there another blind person looking for trouble? "
"No, I’m a little tired. Besides, my brother-in-law can spend more time with my sister. I’ll go to rest first." Seeing my sister Yongchun’s face seems to be more red than seeing Yang Chengzu’s. She looked at her eyes and walked behind. She was blessed to walk, but she still couldn’t walk fast. She hobbled behind and shouted, "Aunt … kiss me …" But she was picked up by Yang Chengzu without chasing two steps.
"My dear father, you are the same. Come and sit on our side."
The two couples accompanied God-given troubles for a while, and a maid-in-waiting took the child aside to coax two people back to Beijing for gossiping. It has been a while since they accumulated debts, and it is almost not like * * to meet each other and talk about business. The Zhang family said that there are always several topics to talk about.
Zhang Wenfeng didn’t convict those girls. Although Li Tie turned to the other side, Zhang Wenfeng was very car-scrapping. No matter how many sentences he received, he would not die even if he bit his teeth and refused to confess. He made a crime at random, and the punishments there could not pass. In the end, a security guard came forward and killed people in prison.
Zhang’s stroke greatly weakened the Zhang family’s power and prestige, and the Zhang brothers were constantly looking for ways around. Even Princess Yongshou’s house sent people to plead guilty, hoping that the princess wouldn’t be difficult to live forever with them.
"What did you do early? Now it’s too late to think of surrender! I dare to find out that Gong Tou didn’t give him a little color this time to see if he didn’t know that Ma Wangye’s third eye is now married and his brother is also married. Is it almost possible to deal with the frontier fortress? "
Before the Zhang family didn’t start work, it was because they had to clean up. It was definitely necessary to have some turmoil. It was not appropriate to kill before marriage. After marriage, it was autumn defense. Although it was said that there was a lot of trouble in Beilu, the whole grassland was smoldering and the princes were sweating. The threat to the frontier was lower than in previous years, but it was not yet time to prevent the Zhang family from moving.
Now everything has been decided to prevent the autumn events. Although it can never be reported, this autumn’s North Korean border defense belongs to a war. The small-scale invasion of the Mongols is an organized robbery. This year, it is a small tribal unit attacking the defense line. There are policemen everywhere, but each attack force is limited, and the border troops can still cope.
External pressure can be arranged without rectification. The Zhang family may not be smart enough, but it is always the wallowing in the imperial court. The sense of smell is still there. Some old friends are no longer in contact with each other, and some doors are busy cleaning up. Before the net is finally closed, they will take every opportunity to save themselves.
In the final analysis, they are consorts, and their own foundation is unstable. This is a serious injury. On weekdays, brothers are arrogant and arrogant, and courtiers have many contradictions. Now it is difficult to find people to rescue them in times of crisis. After the fall of civil servants, they can often wait for opportunities to recover by relying on relatives and friends. Once the Zhang family falls, even their lives are in danger.
Yang’s side, the zhangs’ attitude is also sincere. Zhang Yanling also came by himself once. It is impossible to apologize with a very different attitude, but the implication in the words is that he is willing to lose money and ask Yang Chengzu not to pursue the future two companies as partners.
Yang Chengzu hum "from the day they sued me, you should have known that today this field actually dared to sue me! When the layout of the three towns killed you and wanted to marry Xiuyan, I remembered all these things. Let’s count the old and new accounts together. They don’t want to escape. Now I have let people set out to make noodles. I also sent people to say hello there. This time, it’s not the two of us. It’s an Anlu thing. The Zhang family also showed those courtiers that this day is completely reversed. "