Feng Qing was knocked back a few steps, and his hands almost couldn’t hold the ball. He immediately realized that he was holding things in his arms and shaking his head and looking ahead. Only then did he find that there was something in front of him, and he couldn’t help but feel a thrill and tentatively ran a few steps forward. Sure enough, he hit it again, but it still made him move on.

Fear spread again, and he crouched trembling slowly. He was just a thirteen-year-old child. Now he can do nothing but cling to the ball in his arms, unaware of the hot temperature and feeling lonely and desperate.
Feng Qing finally couldn’t help sobbing and crying, and finally turned into crying. He fell to his knees and grabbed his skirt tightly with his hands, trembling as if he wanted to cry out the fear and injustice of his life and get rid of it completely.
He suddenly fell to the ground and looked at the dark sky with his eyes wide open, but he kept shouting, "Come on! Come, all of you! Come and eat me! "
The ball seems to have sensed something, jumped two times, and gradually became weak. The ghosts around it are ready to move again and make a "Jie Jie Jie" sound. I don’t know if it is laughing or making a noise. It seems that the whole sky is surrounded by harsh animal calls.
Feng Qingyin was gradually submerged, and finally he lay quietly on the ground like a dead body, even his breathing became weak.
The ball seems to be struggling hard to regain its light, but it has been beating uneasily, but it finally flickers and goes out reluctantly.
A strong foul smell came to clear his eyes and prepare to bear the pain of being torn. At this moment, the original wound was in severe pain again, and he suddenly dared not die.
He can’t imagine what it would be like to be in such pain if he added himself. He knows he doesn’t want to die. He is really afraid of pain!
Feng Qing suddenly opened his eyes and saw a blue light shining across the sky. The moon suddenly came out and the stars shone. The original pungent smell seemed to be dissipating. Those hideous ghosts were not found. I saw a gentle and graceful figure falling from the sky in the moonlight. A small long lamp surrounded the man with a faint blue light.
"Fairy …" Feng Qing murmured his eyes and stared at the figure as if he would return to that horrible world in the blink of an eye.
Pan Hui raised her hand to the ground and put the long light into the dark blue light to cover the two of them. Then she waved to the ground and held the ball beside her in her hand and said, "What’s your name?"
Feng Qing moved his lips but didn’t hear his voice. He felt that the figure in front of him was gradually blurred, and finally he couldn’t see anything.
Pan Hui jumped to his side in two steps, stretched out his hand and sniffed weakly but hurriedly, and then touched his forehead, hot and hot, and his eyebrows unconsciously frowned. When he picked up his thin body and flew out, the long lamp followed him like an escort.
She just took Jiang Baiwei and the white-haired old man to the north before she realized that she was carrying this one, which turned out to be ShiShu Feng Zi. She never dreamed that ShiShu would turn into this picture, seriously injured, but it was already a chicken skin crane. She thought it was a 70-year-old woman, and her eyes were already gone, but she was tenacious and showed some persistence.
Jiang Baiwei told her that Martial Uncle Feng Zi was worried about fleeing to the Arctic ice sheet to seal the younger brother. Tonight, these skeletons came for the younger brother Feng Qing, and they stopped these ghosts all the way. Martial Uncle Feng Zi was already exhausted.
Pan Hui placed the two men in a big tree and left the long lamp with the ice blue ghost flame. Only then did she run in the direction indicated by Uncle Feng Zi.
She wiped out the skeleton all the way, but she didn’t expect the child to last so long in something congenial.
When she arrived, she found that this place was shrouded in something congenial. If it weren’t for the long lights, it would be the bane of all ghosts. I’m afraid she couldn’t break through the wall quickly, let alone save people.
However, this child has obviously been injured by something congenial and bitten by a skeleton, and the ptomaine has spread in his body. Pan Huineng temporarily sealed his meridians and brought them back to Uncle Feng Zi.
Chapter 21 July and a half (3)
A tall catalpa bungeana white-haired old man leaned on the trunk and hung his long hair half over his face, revealing half of his face. His eyes were closed and his skin was old. The old man was extremely thin and his gray robe hung like a worn canvas, and his bare hands were covered with a thin leather bag.
Jiang Baiwei looked after the old man with her face full of anxiety. She looked around from time to time, on the one hand, to see when Pan Huishi came back, on the other hand, to prevent something from attacking.
There was a faint blue light coming from the north, and the light was getting faster and faster. Jiang Baiwei got up at once when she was happy, and she saw a scarlet dress in the hands of the night, and there was a little man.
Pan Hui jumped from the paper crane and put it away. Then she went to Jiang Baiwei and asked, "Is there an accident?"
Jiang Baiwei said quickly, "No, it’s Master. She’s dying."
Pan Hui heard a shock and immediately took a look at the soul card in Jiang Baiwei’s hand and stood on the spot.
When she left, she gave the soul card to Jiang Baiwei for safekeeping, that is, she asked him to take care of the situation of martial uncle Feng Zi, so that there would be no cracks in the soul card. Then there would be nothing to return to Changxuan, and everything would be saved. When the master elder brother’s soul card cracked worse than martial uncle Feng Zi, it finally recovered, but now …
The soul card has been broken …
Although it has not been completely shattered, it has broken into several pieces, and it is particularly bleak to lie on the blue cloth that wraps the soul card.
Pan Hui’s heart was hit so hard that she felt that even breathing hurt. She stumbled to the front of Feng Zi and half knelt down and whispered, "Uncle Hui’s back. Teacher Qing saved her."
The old man gently moved his two ends and slowly raised his eyes. They were still half closed, and the sounds were particularly illusory. "Qing ‘er … Qing ‘er is still alive?"
Pan Huidao said, "If you are alive, you are injured. If you are not, I will definitely cure him."
The old man struggled for a long time and finally pulled his drooping eyelids out. There was a little look in his muddy eyes. She held out her right hand in the direction of sealing and clearing, and her hand was trembling.
Pan Hui hurriedly put Feng Qing beside the old man.
The old man laughed a few times and then burst into tears. "Qinger … I’m Qinger, my poor son … Niang can’t protect you any more. From now on, you will live alone in this dirty world … How can I be assured?"
Jiang Baiwei’s nose was sour, and she quickly turned her face to look up to prevent the old man from seeing her tears, but her heart was sad, but she couldn’t help crying finally.
She has been with Feng Zi for more than three years. Although the other party has never taught her fairy method, she has always regarded her as a close relative. She has always been strict with her and given photos in her daily life. Although Master has a strange temper and occasionally goes crazy about Feng Qing, she is definitely a strict teacher and a loving mother in normal times.
Jiang Baiwei originally wanted to take her master back to the Qing palace to support her life, but she never thought that she would be subjected to such a disaster. It was really not what she wanted.
Pan Hui looked at the old man like this and recalled that she saw the absolute beauty woman when she was a child.
She remembers that when Uncle Feng Zi left Changxuan, she was only thirty years old, and she was a woman with outstanding charm. However, fourteen years have turned into this appearance. What happened to Uncle Feng Zi in these fourteen years!
The old man cried and laughed, his face was full of tears, and his hands were trembling and stroking his child gently, as if he could not get enough of it.
Although Pan Hui’s heart is sour, she has long looked down on life and death, but when she really faces the death of her loved ones, she still feels sad after all.
She comforted the old man and said, "Uncle Hui-er will take good care of the younger brother Qing, just as you took care of Hui-er."
The old man cried for a long time before he set his eyes on Pan Huishen and sighed, "Huier, why didn’t you grow up when you were a child? Who closed your aura? No one in this world can take care of anyone’s generation. Even when Huan ‘er had a father who was the master of the porch and my aunt who was rampant in Changxuan, he was still framed and ruined. Only when he was strong is the right way. What did Huan ‘er say to take care of Qing ‘er? "
"I …" Pan Hui was speechless.
The old man giggled, but she was full of ridicule. She continued, "I’m dying soon. It’s inconvenient to have Huan’s son and Qing’s son. Now I’m wandering around and I’ve found what he’s looking for. Even if I want to take care of it, I have the heart. I beg him to step on the fairy path again. Otherwise, isn’t it meaningless to break the cycle? But Qing son … I never intended to let him cultivate immortality. How can I make it difficult for me to protect him from growing up? Now I have to let him learn to protect himself. "
The old man’s eyes suddenly showed great brilliance. She stared at Pan Huidao with eyes burning. "Uncle Huier asked you for one thing and gave you a big gift if you agreed to it!"
Pan Hui quickly replied, "Uncle Shi didn’t ask you to tell Huier to do it!"
"Tell me if you answer or not!" The old man insisted.
Pan Huineng nodded, "Huier promised."
"Good good …" The old man breathed a sigh of relief. "I want you to swear to take care of Qing’s son for six years and protect him for six years!"
Pan Hui said, "Don’t say that if Huier is alive for six years, he will definitely protect Brother Qing!"
The old man insisted, "No! It will take six years! Just six years! You swear! "
Six years is enough to seal off the Qing dynasty. Now, after 14 years, it happens that the weak-crowned man no longer needs anyone to protect the world when he grows up. It is up to him to make a living, die, be good or bad, and he should bear it himself. He can’t rely on others anymore!
For a moment, Pan Hui insisted that Martial Uncle would be so persistent, but it was not easy to defy her. She quickly said, "Pan Hui vowed today to protect Brother Feng Qing for six years to ensure that he was safe and secure. If he violates this oath, he will be possessed and die!"
People who cultivate immortality are most afraid of demons. Once demons are born, they will fall into a wrong path and eventually be doomed.