"That’s it!"

Meow! Ding Ke agreed to care about the pattern. A cat and a dog won.
Xu Le saw Ding Ke expressing satisfaction, and he nodded with satisfaction himself.
"Well, since the name of the organization has been decided, let’s sort out the details of the imprint!"
Early the next day
Alley, the Zion Progressive Building, has some chats at the door.
It’s 7: 03, and there should be a lot of people coming to class when they just arrived.
People coming and going naturally won’t attract Alley’s attention, but one of them stopped Alley’s eyes
This is a very beautiful female doctor.
Of course, the beauty here is not simply beautiful. If Xu Le comes to shape, it is burning.
Little Ellie thinks she won’t wear this miniskirt and black silk at work, and she won’t make her chest so big
Ellie has seen this female doctor several times, but she doesn’t know the name of the other party, but she saw the word [Song Xiaojia] from the other party’s badge.
And she was follow by a rather pale guard.
The guard gave Alley a strange feeling that his footsteps were slightly lighter, either vain or simple.
Normal fighters are not so light in physique and weight.
Zion progressive security officer, the guards and law enforcers here will naturally be managed by Alley.
Although she is not working normal hours now, it is ok to ask simply.
"Wait" Alley stopped the guard.
The guard hesitated a little and stopped to look back at Alley.
"Alley adult? What can I do for you? "
Alley observed a guard at close range and sniffed his body. How do you say, there is some blood smell, but this blood smell is more like blood smell left after fighting.
Like a dry body for a while
And these smells are also mixed with a strong femininity, which is very similar to that of Song Xiaojia in front.
Alley naturally doesn’t care about the private lives of a guard and a doctor, she asked
"You smell a little heavy. Have you been involved in any battles recently?"
When the guard heard Alley say that he smelled badly, he quickly smelled himself.
"No, maybe I didn’t take a shower in recent days. Is there anything else for Alley’s adult? My horse will be late. "
"It’s okay, you go."