Bring the dead back to life
It violates the laws of heaven and is doomed to heaven and earth.
The avatar of the blood altar should not have appeared in reason, and it will be destroyed by heaven for the first time.
But Feng Zichen chose a good time.
Now, even the chaotic fiend dares to swagger and appear. What’s more, playing god?
Of course, to prevent the blood altar from being erased from heaven and earth when heaven returns to the wild world.
Feng Zichen still needs to add an insurance to the blood altar so that Heaven can admit this technique.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one Power surge magic door
The wind zichen also had countermeasures.
It is very simple to get the blood altar recognized by heaven.
That is, the appearance of the blood altar is beneficial to the universe.
In this vast universe, whatever is beneficial to the universe, whether it is good or evil, and whether it goes against heaven or not, will inevitably be blessed by heaven.
The appearance of the altar of blood will benefit the flood, so that the Tao will not care about his fate.
As far as Heaven is concerned, it is the most important thing to do everything possible to gain the source of the flood, and his actions in the flood are based on this.
This he can sacrifice everything.
Even chaos fiend, he can accept a small blood altar, which is nothing.
For example, Feng Zichen, a valuable treasure that makes the blood altar pair up against the universe, has already had a dispute in her heart.
The altar has the meaning of communicating heaven and earth.
According to Feng Zichen’s plan, he would first communicate with heaven and earth through the blood altar, and then offer enough sacrifices to give back to heaven and earth to call back the dead.
In this way, heaven and earth have benefited, so it is not easy to care about the resurrection from the dead. Without the obstruction of heaven, the blood altar can successfully call back the dead
Simply put, this is bribery, which makes heaven and earth one side.
This method is a win-win situation, and there is no reason to refuse it.
However, it is difficult to choose a sacrifice for heaven and earth.
Even if it is dedicated to heaven and earth, it must be unusual. It must be a spiritual thing that can increase the source of heaven and earth.
Otherwise, it would be strange not to kill you if you sacrificed heaven and didn’t get any benefits.
Moreover, this sacrifice can’t be the spirit of the universe, because everything in the universe belongs to heaven.
You sacrifice your own things to heaven and want to get benefits.
Isn’t this a joke?
What a nice day!
Bribery is also a technical activity that needs to be put into good use, especially whether it is bribery or heaven, and it needs to be studied specially.
Otherwise, if one of them can’t be done, it will really kill people.
Since it belongs to the wild spirit, we can start with the chaos out of bounds
Great chaos is the real treasure everywhere, and even chaos can be seen everywhere in the wild, which is a good treasure.
If Feng Zichen can come and go quietly and collect chaos for tens of thousands of years, it will be enough as a sacrifice to Heaven.
At the very least, this sacrifice can call back a statue of Luo Jinxian through the blood altar.
But that’s before the flood, but there are ready-made sacrifices
Aren’t so many congenital fierce beasts just living sacrifices?
Congenital fierce beast is a fusion of chaotic fiend’s incomplete part, chaotic source part and chaotic shaqi part.
Does not belong to the wild!
Therefore, they can be used as sacrifices to heaven and heaven to strengthen the source of heaven and earth.
It’s not easy to say this innate fierce beast.
Destroy the universe alive, and don’t let it go if you die.
After the fall, the chaotic qi of the body did not dissipate, but slowly spread to erode the surrounding spiritual veins, destroy the surrounding vitality and make the dangerous land and Jedi.
When it’s really a sinister ratio!
This was discovered by Feng Zichen by accident.
Laifeng Zichen will return this batch of congenital fierce beasts, just like the former ones. After the fall, the source will slowly disintegrate and gradually merge into the world to expand the flood source.
But after tens of thousands of years, Feng Zichen suddenly realized that it was wrong. Instead of increasing, the reiki content in the wild gradually decreased.
This is not reasonable!
Very unreasonable
Because according to common sense, after years of war, many tens of thousands of monks have fallen, and there are many casualties.
Tens of thousands of years have passed, and their sources should have been integrated into the universe, so the reiki content in the universe should have increased
But it’s weird
Reiki content drops instead of rising.
If it’s okay, it’s a ghost.
So many sources of life have fallen in the wild, and it is impossible to disappear because of it.
You know, after every big robbery, the universe will usher in a prosperous time of cultivation.
It is because hundreds of millions of creatures have fallen back to heaven and earth that the flood source has greatly increased its benefits and is still alive.
In this situation.
Someone must be cheating!
A wind zichen or the magic door secretly tricks interception should return to the source of heaven and earth to plot great things
But after careful observation, he found out that the magic door was a vicious animal pot.