All the "Eagle Eye Scouts" in the sun, including gravitational wave detection, all passive detection equipment, search the whole sun for traces of each other …

At the same time, all the mechanical insect aircraft in the sun closed the propulsion device and tried to keep the original orbit for the other side to detect the abnormality.
From this moment, Yun Nie forces entered a state of silence …
Gravitational wave propagation speed is also the same as when the speed of light reaches the sun
And three days later, Yun Nie had a harvest!
"Traction beam? Gravity can still be so! But it seems that … Being underestimated! You came over to peep and even laid a red carpet? " Yun Nie looked at the gravitational wave radar and it stood out. The straight cursor connected to the sun had some words.
But the more the other side underestimates the enemy, the better it will be for them!
Gravitational wave detection equipment obtained by Yun Nie is, after all, a binary star detector, a small radar with limited detection range. Even the eagle-eye detector flying farthest at present can observe the enemy spacecraft at the end of the traction beam.
So he ordered all optical passive detection equipment to search the other end of the "red carpet" for the optical information of the other warship.
Soon at the end of the traction light, Yun Nie found two faint infrared signals that are not stray celestial bodies!
If it is normal, it is much more difficult to find such a distant and weak optical signal in this way than to find a needle in a haystack, but it is much easier to follow the map with the "red carpet"!
Although Yun Nie can get the visual picture of the other party at such a long distance, infrared positioning can be done.
Obviously, the other party does not recognize that such a long distance will be discovered by the earth, so there is no hidden ability to open the warship! Fly straight to earth like this
"Code record their star domain coordinates now! Their current sailing speed must have just started the acceleration process, so they can’t arrive here by ordinary super-high-speed sailing!
This coordinate … There is probably something wrong!
Give our detection equipment a continuous search for all the cosmic information around this coordinate and send the detection data to the old team for analysis!
In addition, from the current binary information to all members of the organization! "Yun Nie ordered.
"It’s the captain’s pavilion!"
After handling this matter, Yun Nie looked at the map in front of him and marked the enemy warship signal, and then the corner of his mouth was hooked "Oh! The acceleration seems to be quite fast. It really is a luxury car, but I’m sorry, there is no traffic police in the sun … The speed limit of this section is 3. You have exceeded the speed limit … "
Yun Nie hey hey smiled and controlled the "Yun Nie" double star detector to send a false signal …
Two Rangers.
"drop! Report received an alarm from the sun detector! There are UFOs entering the Sun Department! " Wisdom brain show let two captains one leng.
Alien spacecraft? What happened?
In front of them, a red spot in the three-dimensional projection of the sun has just entered the effective detection range of the detector, and they are flying at an included angle of about 12 from the other direction towards the sun! The speed has reached an amazing one-fifth of the speed of light!
Two captains suddenly got up.
"Report the target parameters! Show the target screen! "
"Target preliminary judgment 50000 tons frigate class model is unknown! The method captures the target picture and judges that the other party has turned on optical stealth and detected that the strong infrared signal of the target is slowing down … According to the current course, it is expected to enter the radar detection range of our ship in 15 days! "
50,000 tons frigate class? One fifth of the speed of light?
This is higher than the highest sailing speed they can reach. Although the speed can’t represent everything, it can be judged that this ship is not something that a low-level writer can have!
"judge the direction of the other party!" Feather captain said
The star map marked a dotted line and finally pointed to … the earth!
"hmm? Earth? Is it the latest scientific and technological creation of the earth language? " The sea captain leng one.
"Impossible! Even if we give the earth two years, they can’t make such a spaceship! And if the earth is launched, the detector can’t have no record!
Judging from its current speed, the other party should have experienced a long acceleration from outside the sun!
And look at each other’s level of science and technology … Not lower than ours!
Damn it … Ranger, turn off the tractor beam immediately! "Feather captain suddenly react surly ordered.
Although it may be a little late, it is dead to continue to pull the beam before confirming whether the other party is hostile or not!
"The towing beam has been closed. Recalculate the estimated arrival time of the channel on Earth … 6 days!"
Forced to obey the traffic rules, the two captains looked at each other and looked very ugly …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Threats
Sea wolf bridge
"The captain’s cabinet has closed the traction beam!"
"Call … very good! It seems that our fake signal has not been seen through! " Nie Yunsong was relieved.
Don’t look at his relaxed face, but he is also sweating in his heart. After all, his understanding of Double Star Technology is limited. The worst case is that the other party sees through himself, and then the two sides directly make a tie.
When the time comes, even if we can force each other back, the earth will be dangerous.
And the first step plan is successful, then the next plan has the possibility of success!
"Article!" Yun Nie hello article is a bridge stroll smell speech stopped very cleverly jumped to NieYun palm and then stare round eyes looked at Yun Nie puzzled.
Yun Nie stared at Tiao motionless for a long time until Tiao was stared at so much that I didn’t know what the owner was up to. When Yun Nie’s right hand suddenly appeared a group of mechanical worms, and Yun Nie moved a little bit after squeezing plasticine, a very strange "insect skin mask" was freshly baked.
Yun Nie held the mask to his head, then looked at it with a strange face and asked proudly, "How does it look?"
Article "…"
Ranger bridge
"Look at the ship just heading … is the galactic periphery Perseus spiral arms direction! Damn, is there a wormhole in that direction that we haven’t searched yet? " The sea captain looks pale to scold a way