The first way to move away from the figure is to crack the dragon gun in the hands of a king tyrant, and to add the curse force in the curse aggregates is not obvious, so it is not angry but powerful and directly rushes towards Yuan Tianba.

The curse of evil heart becomes a great evil force, and the figure that controls the curse of evil heart is naturally an evil blade of heaven, and it is miserable for the holy one to fight against it
Here, the deadwood old man thinks that the defensive deadwood method of the earth is already quite fate, but when he meets the ability to control the blood curse of heaven, he is far away from poverty, and the blood evil force is stronger than the blood evil axe, and the outcome is already doomed.
Jiuqu Zhenjun was able to fight against the sword tactic, but the evil thoughts and spells catalyzed the surge of an evil lotus, and the poison gas of the sword soared several times, making Jiuqu Zhenjun look bloody as if he were dying.
His heart is close to collapse because he sees a trace of specious truth, facing the murder weapon, the magic sword, blaming the soul and killing the curse, and he resists at all.
Chapter 26 Soul tactic now
"Ow, damn it-"The voice is unfinished. The old man’s body is frozen with blood and the axe is pledge, and he will split his body into two sections and die violently on the spot!
At the same time, it was unfortunate that there was a true gentleman with nine songs. He was frightened by the lotus of evil thoughts, and the evil thoughts broke out in a steady stream. In the first round, he showed flaws and was cut horizontally by Lu Li, who ate his heart and died. Yuan Shen completely collapsed.
The black hand Buddha had both offensive and defensive skills, and his eyes were dead. His whole heart was already afraid to the extreme, fearing that those two figures would come over and besiege himself. Can he face this black hand Buddha with a heavenly evil blade and have to besiege him?
In the face of the black hand, the holy spirit, the evil heart, the curse, and the strange smile suddenly said, "You should be proud of killing me!" The tenth chop of the Nine Extremes and Ten Days-the heart of the knife falls to the dust, and all the laws are shattered! "
No one would have thought that the nine-number was already far away from the original, and once again realized the breakthrough at this limit, creating this amazing knife by oneself can be called the pinnacle of sublimation!
The original seven-chop method of Heaven’s unique chop is already much worse than the science of uniting the great achievements, but it is a far cry from one side. On this basis, another three-chop method will turn the subversion of power into a unique skill.
"No-"The black hand screams out the whole person’s body, together with the Yuan God, which is shattered and distorted. At this time, it is only two rounds.
If you want to escape from the war here, can you be chased by the first fierce knife in heaven and earth? The magic knife has melted the hatred and killed the curse. A knife is amityville horror’s magic knife. Who can live?
The death of the dead old man made the mysterious strategist in a foreign country panic, and after the death of both the black hand, the holy Buddha and the true gentleman, he almost vomited blood, and his eyes were cut off. The mysterious strategist was almost crying.
Only Yuan Tianba was left in the third round.
He was injured by the dragon gun in a row with blood all over his body. Although there was no heart-biting firm but gentle sword, there was no magic knife, and those evil spirits ate the soul. The bullying of the dragon gun made him almost desperate. Although it was the third round, he had a deep feeling that his life had come to an end.
In the cage of years, Bai Fan tried his best to burst into his own strength to break the flow of years from immobility to stagnation to slow passage, and then he could help the five ethnic groups in a flash. In this short moment, he actually witnessed four people being separated from each other!
Yuan Tianba glared at him, and he really consumed a lot of money. At this time, facing such a desperate situation, Yuan Tianba suddenly smiled fiercely and said, "How can I be so defeated? Even if you are a bully, I am not afraid!"
It was said that all defenses were suddenly removed, and the whole person’s true yuan suddenly reversed the instantaneous burning of the three yuan gods and hugged the body of the land!
"no!" This time it was replaced by Bai Fan’s crazy cry, but it was too late.
The flesh burns three yuan gods and explodes together. Yuan Tianba, who is comparable to the general solution to the peak, chose to blow himself up to kill the enemy in the face of no chance of winning.
On the day of the explosion, the tenth chop, the magic knife killing God and other great skills destroyed Wei Qiqi, echoing the roar of the sky and constantly shaking the sky, which scattered the residual clouds in the original sky completely.
Bai Fan’s eyes were red and tears fell, and today’s war was too bitter. Bai Fan’s heart was deeply frustrated and he cried.
Even the sky exploded and scattered, and the figures gathered in different places, and it was very serious, especially the figure that was hit by Yuan Tianba’s explosive explosion. The dragon gun gave off colorful light and blocked the latter’s suicide offensive, blocked most of the impact, protected the body, and then the body was as earth as a god to kill him.
The veins stood out on his forehead suddenly and violently, and the sword in his hand was on the verge of extinction. Bai Fanyin’s cold tunnel "One of you and I will die here today."
This is not a simple release of malicious words, but a heart that really wants to separate life from death.
In the face of biting words, I was not afraid at all, but I teased, "Don’t worry. Do you remember when I said that invading the wild was the second biggest mistake you made in this life?"
Bai Fan glared at the crazy expansion of the whole body, which was the miraculous effect of that day’s healing medicine. Not only did that Dan medicine activate the meridians and moisten the flesh, but some powerful drugs had been thoroughly refined by Bai Fan, and he was not worried about leaving the mysterious right eye to extract them.
"Shut up what are you! Can you talk about the Lord of our world? " Bai Fan’s tone already contains an absolute coldness, which is like a word that can destroy the virtual ice.
This is a kind of Daoyun jurisprudence, which is stimulated by Lu Li in front of the potential Daoxin. Seeing the other party slay the five families, the Daoxin almost collapsed, but at this time he is fighting back the evil spirit.
"If I kill you today, I will become a Taoist and cast my Jin Xian Road!" Bai Fan’s words contain a kind of rare determination, which even the mysterious strategist who has known each other for a long time is rare and can’t help but be shocked.
Land away from each other’s words without any intention, but the land away from each other’s words is the figure holding the blood evil spirit tomahawk, which impressively throws up the blood evil spirit tomahawk with one hand and catches it with the other hand, and gently laughs. "What’s your master? Remember that the biggest mistake he made in this life was to provoke me to leave home! "
Bai Fan smell speech was about to make moves, but he was caught off guard and took the lead!
"Soul and soul!" Gokage once again returned to the 15 th evil soldiers.
Bai Fan also immediately rushed out and shouted "Don’t try to succeed!"
And with the landing and the words leaving the forehead, the mysterious sky mark passed away, and with the passage of time, the sky waves came out across the sky.
This wave shadow swings everywhere, and the number of foreign monks led by the illusion of heaven is tens of thousands, and their bodies are all shaking in a blink of an eye, and they are not in the army!
Demon domain cloud forward mouth exclaimed, "Taikoomen from people practice soul tactic-"
Tens of thousands of foreign monks are like wooden puppets. This situation is even more chilling than the scene of the former blood slaughter, which makes people completely lose their fighting spirit.
"This blow is a revenge blow by the wild repair! You foreign monk, but if you kill me, I will give you a blow. How many people die? Lu does not promise! " Lu Li’ s speech also turned cold and cold.
These changes in emotions are as frightening as they often are.
Chapter 27 There will be an end
Here, Bai Fan just stepped out, but he jumped back at the sky. He had already died in July 7th.
"Soul tactic for mind soul attack! It’s impossible for me to wait for a large array of cloth to resist you to such an extent-"Bai Fan was also flustered in his anger."
Lu Li is a sly smile, but he is unhurried. "The soul of the soul is sad, and the soul is chaotic, but the soul is shattered and dies. Your foreign defense array can really stop the mental attack to a certain extent. It is an iron wall and a few flaws, but when the five major families fight, I continuously released 3,779 ideological waves to forcibly interfere and stop you. The defense frequency of this large array makes the surface look different, but there are already several loopholes. Otherwise, how can I succeed with one blow?"
The whole person almost fell into madness. Bai Fan was crazy and said, "Pick up my seven-game sword!"
When the voice comes out, Bai Fan has put the four-line sword meaning to the extreme and killed it.
"Even if the seven unique ways respect life, can you understand the wonders of this world?" Lu Li didn’t panic at all and suddenly said a word to continue to stimulate Bai Fan.
Eyes such as kill array’s crazy people’s mind to watch the war has changed dramatically, and many monks in the demon domain seem to be a little relieved.