Since Li Zhengfan returned to the Federation, Emperor Wu III rarely treated it alone in the training room. It can also be said that since Emperor Wu III gave it the blood from Emperor Wu I, it seems that he no longer needs to practice.

Or have you reached the end of the road that you can’t see?
"I’m disappointed!"
Emperor Wu III’s tone was a little heavy, but Adakang didn’t have any fear. It’s hard to say that he was angry. Is it time to say this?
"Why don’t you come?"
Adakang’s angry rhetorical question shocked all orangutans and monkeys who could hear the conversation between the two brothers.
When did Adakang have such courage?
But on second thought, the monkeys and the monkeys thought it was understandable, but the general of the imperial expeditionary force let the situation collapse to such a degree that Adakang was to blame.
It’s not hard to imagine the situation of the current empire at this time compared with the fate of Adakang Empire. What is there to be afraid of?
Moreover, I really want to say that Emperor Wu III never visited the battlefield of different stars for various restrictions, and he never made long-distance command and decision, which is the main culprit leading to this situation.
However, after all, Emperor Wu III holds the highest handle of the empire, Adakang, and it is a sin to embarrass Emperor Wu III in public.
However, all orangutans and monkeys didn’t expect that Emperor Wudi III didn’t get angry when he was questioned by Adakang, and his tone became lighter.
It says
"Okay, I’ll do it."
Chapter 56 Hit!
How long does it take to get from Imperial Star to Alien Star?
If there is no jump gate technology, it will take hundreds of thousands of years to cross the distance of dozens of light-years in terms of the speed of both federal and imperial spacecraft, and it will take nearly 100 thousand years to cross even the faster aircraft, such as the federal single-soldier starship, regardless of energy and various materials needed by people
This is far beyond human language and imperial language.
During the process from its birth to its development into an interstellar-level text, a wise man is bound to suffer all kinds of extinction disasters due to the cosmic environment, such as a giant meteorite with a diameter of more than 10 kilometers before leaving the planet where he was born, such as a stellar storm or a supernova explosion that produced a gamma-ray burst, such as the radical cure of infectious and fatal diseases such as energy exhaustion by existing scientific and technological methods.
Besides natural disasters, there are also man-made disasters, such as war.
There are all kinds of wisdom literature born in the universe. If you want to have wisdom, you will inevitably have different desires and conflicts of ideas like human beings. These are the causes of war. When a wisdom literature develops to a certain level of science and technology, such as mastering nuclear weapons, it is very likely to lead to extinction.
How many years has it been since the birth of human culture in the true sense? Will human language still be able to speak after hundreds of thousands of years?
If there is no jump gate technology, when the earliest imperial spacecraft finally came to the sun after more than 100 thousand years, it may be that the blue star born by human beings has become a dead planet like an alien star, just as the empire has discovered those planets that are not suitable for them to live.
Or is it that human beings have broken through the limits of science and technology again and again, and arrived at the Imperial Star tens of thousands of years later, only to find that the wisdom of the Imperial Star has returned to a very primitive and backward era because of repeated wars of extinction?
At that time, the imperial orangutans or monkeys were very likely to "protect animals" in the human Federation or the human empire
The Federation and the Empire met because the Imperial Star should not have appeared and the Empire mastered the transition gate technology to a certain extent, and the technology was really developed according to the information brought back by Li Zhengfan. The third article was also called the ruins by Emperor Wu III, and Wen Zhihui was also suspected to have experienced a crisis of ethnic destruction, perhaps almost completely annihilated in the universe.
The probability of encountering different languages in the universe is negligible, not only because of the vastness of the universe, but also because of whether the language itself can continue smoothly and successfully develop into interstellar language
The lower probability of the encounter between the Federation and the Empire is equivalent to calculating the last digit of pi, which is impossible based on the existing human cognition, but the theory is possible-what if the world is designed?
The probability of direct encounter between the two strongest battlefields in the federal and imperial wars is even lower-when he and he each have a position matching their strength.
But this encounter is a necessity.
It’s like it takes hundreds of thousands of years to cross the distance, which was crossed in 20 minutes by Emperor Wu III’s federal standard due to the technology of transition gate.
The irresistible pursuit of the Milky Way, Adakang’s timidity before the war, and so on … just as it should not be mastered by the empire, it has become an incentive to make the impossible possible.
Being in the imperial palace hall of Emperor Wudi’s city, Emperor Wudi III was calling a grand court meeting. He didn’t give his courtiers any information or explanation. When he said’ I’m coming’ to Adakang, he got up and took off his gorgeous and heavy robe in public.
At the same time, a new generation of imperial armor, which stood solemnly behind its throne, has been activated and hit the cockpit door by itself. The courtiers of Emperor Wudi III slowly entered in amazement and controlled the mecha to leave the hall.
At the same time, the miniaturized transition gate device placed in the back hall of its throne has been activated. The transition coordinate Empire Alien No.1 transition base is located in the corresponding transition base of Empire Star. The transition gate of the transition base is also in the process of activation and activation, and it can reach the transition area of No.1 transition base in 20 minutes.
At the same time, it was recognized by the orangutans and monkeys that the primary goal was the transition base command center and the secondary goal was the transition area. Ji Xinghe suddenly changed his direction of action.
Just as Ji Xinghe sensed that Emperor Wu III was coming, it seemed that Ji Xinghe’s primary and secondary goals were not recognized by orangutans and monkeys.
The reason is not important. What matters is all the preparations made by the orangutans and monkeys in the command center of the transition base for the last path to the command center and the last path to the transition area in response to the arrival of Ji Xinghe-including Aidakang and Emperor Wu III.
Little Ji Xinghe returned to the road they feared and looked forward to, and these preparations were not important.
Sturm und drang Adakang suddenly stopped.
Self-proclaimed clever plan, double-tower communication channel, its aides asked the base commanders
"Where am I going to stop Ji Xinghe?"
This is a question and it is difficult to answer.
When you know the target, you can reach the target first, and then you must reach the target and complete the interception target war. But how can you get in place first to intercept when you determine the target?
"Oxygen warehouse! The goal of Ji Xinghe is our oxygen warehouse! "
An aide monkey said it was not nonsense. It hit the target of Ji Xinghe, but it couldn’t help Adakang make a choice.
Adakang knows all the positions of oxygen warehouses in the base department like the back of his hand. Combining with the visible window of the mecha, it shows that it has seen the direction of the sudden advance of the Ji Xinghe, and there are many routes for the oxygen warehouse.
However, when these route marks arrive at the required time, it can be sure that Ji Xinghe will definitely arrive before it.
Not only because Ji Xinghe took the lead, but also because Ji Xinghe was wearing a single-soldier exoskeleton armor. At this time, his body shape was very flexible compared with driving the imperial armor
Not all places in this transition base can make the Prince’s Armor and Emperor’s Armor pass quickly at a height of about seven meters, especially those areas that need strict defense. Considering that the Federation may break in, of course, it is necessary to limit the federal mecha as much as possible.
Although the empire is very clear that the federal individual exoskeleton armor technology is much stronger than them, it is much worse than the normal individual exoskeleton armor defense ability of the huge stacker armor.
When Ji Xinghe crossed those five gates, he was attacked. It would be impossible for an independent regiment wearing individual exoskeleton armor to bear it, let alone complete the breakthrough.
There is one choice that Adacon needs to make most.
"General, your mini-mecha is not made of tungsten, steel and gold. We don’t recommend that you replace the imperial armor with the mini-mecha."