Sumo praised one

Next to Duan Tianliang, rhubarb and Ying Zhao all look strange.
There are three of them who know all the details of Su Mo.
According to Xu Wan, two kinds of fairy grass, the leaves of Miluo tree, matured in 90 years.
And the fairy grass around Sumo will mature in a year!
If we shorten it by ten years, we will attract people from Longyuanxing’s powerful forces to gather. If Su Mo is able to go out, I’m afraid it will disturb the immortals and immortals!
Of course, even if this Miluo leaf can’t help him accelerate the growth of Xiancao, he still wants to get this leaf!
This leaf is of great significance to his practice!
But look at this posture, at least seven forces will compete for this leaf, and even it will be hard to get it then.
"Su Daoyou can join what forces? If not, why don’t you come to my Shuanglong Sect? "
Xu Wan made an invitation, saying, "If Taoist friends are willing to join me in teaching this crisis, Ssangyong Education will definitely make efforts to make friends to deal with it."
"Thank you for your kindness."
Su Mo fuels slightly, "I’ll consider this matter."
Xu Wan did not insist that "Taoist friends can come to me at any time if they have made a decision."
The two men said another sentence before saying goodbye to each other.
"Miss, although this man is courageous, but the fifth-order Xuanxian and the evil wolf army have made bad friends, you take the initiative to recruit him?"
After Su Mo went away, the middle-aged man behind Xu Wan frowned and asked
"I don’t know"
Xu Wan said thoughtfully, "I feel that this person is somewhat special."
In fact, a wisp of dragon’s blood is flowing in Xu Wan’s blood system from his father.
And Sumo has the Dragon Phoenix Yuan God!
Don’t say that Xu Wan has a wisp of dragon blood flowing through her, even if she is a real dragon and dragon, she should bow to her knees!
When Xu Wan saw Su Mo, he had a special feeling at the first moment.
Su Mo Yue Hao led him to a mansion in Longyuan City and handed over more than 3 million plants of Xiancao for more than 300,000 tablets of Ningyuan Dan!
Even if he once got coagulation Yuan Dan from Yanggu Army, there are nearly 500,000 coagulation Yuan Dan in his bag!
These condensate pills are enough for him to practice for a long time.
"Su Daoyou may really have a chance to resolve this robbery if he can get shelter from Shuanglong Sect."
Yue Hao analyzed and said
Yue Hao and others are not worried about Su Mo Ding Yu’s World War I.
They seem to be able to save their lives even if Su Mo was defeated by the means he showed before.
The real crisis is that after leaving Longyuan City, his monks are after him!
At this time, they don’t know that the wolf army has got the news and is sending an army!
A dharma protector in Xueyang Valley will soon arrive in Longyuan City!
It seems calm in Longyuan City, but it is already undercurrent!
The follow-up development of today’s events has completely exceeded everyone’s expectations!
Su Mo bought Ning Yuan Dan and just found a place to rest and waited for night arrival.
Chatting Su Mo took out the tortoise shell in the bag and studied it carefully.
Others may not see that this tortoise shell is special, but Su Mo once cultivated Xuanwu vision and possessed the magical power of Linggui Shield. He immediately found that the back lines of this tortoise shell were weird!
Su Mo stared at the back lines of this tortoise shell for a long time without noticing it until night arrival.
Or next to YueHao nudge Su Mo will wake up.
"Su Daoyou’s dark night workshop is over."
Yue Hao Xing Yi
Shen Fei couldn’t resist his curiosity and asked, "What’s so fascinating about this tortoise shell?"
Su Mo smiled and didn’t hide that "this tortoise shell grain is actually a kind of array figure carved by later generations."