At that time, Xiao Ya looked at Xiao Yu, who was liked everywhere, and sincerely praised, "I look at Xiao Yu. Once this program is broadcast, your gentle and virtuous sample is seen by everyone, and it is estimated that you will soon become a national goddess."

This sentence was not cut completely and put out completely.
And those black powder and some Jingjiayuan fans can’t stand it anymore.
[Is the program group going to disgust us to death? Return to the goddess? I’m really a genius. If I can be called a goddess, I * * * *
[Curious about what is blocked in front]
[Live Chop dia]
[Poof, front man, calm down]
[I feel a little abnormal-we all know what kind of person Shinohara is, but I have watched the tidbits released by the program group these times. To be honest, Shinohara may be different from what we imagined, and it may have a beautiful side.]
[Even if it’s beautiful, don’t toss about those guests, I’ll thank God for judging beauty by tidbits. Who doesn’t know that the current program group wants to promote first, suppress first, and promote first? When the tidbits look good, Shinohara fish died as soon as the feature film came out]
Everyone else says I want to see our family fly.
[Hey, what’s everyone arguing about now? Just wait for the feature film to come out and see what’s going on]
And the program group didn’t let everyone down. After the tidbits were released, a line of big characters played out.
The first season of "Fantasy Travel Notes" will be officially released on the video of Green Jinjiang in three days.
In an instant, all the fans were boiling.
Chapter 66
After the program was released, it was quickly torn up and searched.
First, # "Fantasy Travel Notes" was broadcast three days later # and rushed to the fifth hot search.
Then # Lin Yufei grew up # followed by hot search for the sixth place.
After two hot searches, more and more people noticed this program.
In less than an hour, # Xiao Yaxin Modeling # was followed by others, surpassing the first two and reaching the third position in hot search.
One program tidbit is released, occupying three hot searches.
I’ve been silently noting that these PD and Kang’s deputy directors are simply laughing from ear to ear.
This is really a penny and a dime, relying on strength to go.
It’s already like this before the show is broadcast. It’s not hard to imagine that it’s hot after the broadcast.
But with a smile, Zhang PD can’t laugh.
These hot spots haven’t gone yet, and there are two more entries to follow.
# Jing Jiayuan has been touched by porcelain again #
# Shinohara fish is so delicate [hehe] #
These two terms came into the top ten of hot search almost at the same time.
Then Deputy Director Kang was dumbfounded, surpassing all the previous entries and rushing to the first and second positions of hot search.
Up to now, four guest departments of Fantasy Travels have rushed to the hot search, plus an official hot search, and the top ten positions of the hot search have been occupied by the program group of Fantasy Travels.
When Shinohara fish phase, the heat of the entry is growing explosively, and it has been rushed to the first place.
Behind the entry, there is a dark red word.
A program tidbits didn’t cost a penny, so five entries made such a great achievement that they didn’t even dare to think about it.
Little, deputy director Kang has never seen it.
At the moment, he looked at the room and kept spinning. Zhang PD said leisurely, "Zhang PD, you are really the best PD. This program is really as hot as you think. There are really many people paying attention to this program. You are really prescient. When things are the same as you originally thought, Xiao Yu was scolded for being the first hot search, and watching this situation will not come for a while."
"Don’t be sarcastic, I’m depressed to death," said Zhang PD, who was quite anxious.
Most of these hot searches are positive and good.
However, after a hot search point, Shi Xiaoyu abused the quality of online netizens, and some remarks were even more unbearable
Even PD, who is well informed, seems very upset.
Kang, deputy director, could not help but shake his head when he thought of what Zhang PD said on the first day. "You are not so worried that you didn’t think Shinohara’s image was not very good at the beginning, but now you have changed your mind after so many experiences." You have to believe that Shinohara’s current abuse is a temporary one, and all views will change when the feature film is released. "
"Of course I know! But now the problem is that these guests can all have mobile phones and see the situation in Weibo. "Zhang PD was a little annoyed and said," As soon as I put these positive things back on the show, everyone will at least keep some points. As a result, I didn’t expect the slander to be even greater. "
Kang’s deputy director is also aware of this.
The current brokerage team is not around, and they have the obligation to ensure that all the guests are safe.
"Let’s ask about the situation over there." Kang’s deputy director hesitated and said.
Zhang PD nodded and immediately contacted the cameraman.
"Xiao Zhao, what is the status of the guests over there?" Zhang PD sink a way
The cameraman named Xiao Zhao replied casually at the moment, "Everything is fine."
"Very good?" Zhang PD some suspicious asked
Xiao Zhao nodded and realized that Zhang PD couldn’t see it, so he quickly added, "Well, it’s all peaceful."
Zhang PD? ? ?
He was in a panic, and the whole person became nervous.