"Ha ha this time we hundreds of athletes trapped jingshi see this big doll emperor low don’t bow? We want to get everything we need. This winter will be a season blessed by the Buddha, and not many people will freeze to death. We will come again after the spring of next year, and one day we will get this place back in the sweat. "

For a long time, the people of Gyeonggi were swept away by this destructive storm, and the victims were scattered. I don’t know how many lucky people rushed into the capital, eager for the imperial forest in Beijing to protect themselves.
Jiajing Day in the Forbidden City is gloomy, such as water, Yang Tinghe, Mao Ji, Jiang Mian, Liang Xin’s entry into the cabinet, and Yuan Zonggao, a university student in Dongge, whose faces are also not good.
Anyway, I was hit by Mongols near the capital, and I just got the news, and then I still couldn’t come up with an effective response. Anyway, it was a loud slap in the face for the new emperor.
Even Yang Tinghe, the courtiers, were trapped in the capital by the Dalai Lama. This is a slap in the face that has not been experienced for many years since the civil reform. The slap in the face is too loud. Some Jiajing’s grim-faced tone is low, but there is anger in it. Everyone can feel "Have you ever found out the figures?"
Yang Tinghe looked rather embarrassed. "At present, the news is confusing. We didn’t find out the news clearly. There are definitely no such numbers as millions of people riding Lu, but according to the minister, there are hundreds of enemy soldiers."
"Hundreds? We just know that there are 100 thousand enemies? " Jiajing seems to digest this number for a long time before asking "Peng Sima? I want to ask him how many top athletes there are in Beijing camp. How many chances do we have if we fight the Mongols? "
Chapter six hundred and twenty-two Temple calculation
Yang Tinghe hesitated and didn’t answer the emperor’s question. When Jiajing asked Peng Ze again, Yuan Zonggao coughed and answered, "Peng Sima is ill and still at home. I haven’t been to Beijing to camp soldiers in the past few days … I heard that it’s not enough to make money. I don’t know if the soldiers will barely guard the capital or go out of the city to guard against the enemy. I’m afraid of losing momentum and fueling Hu Lu’s arrogance."
Jiajing, of course, knew that Pengze’s so-called illness was mostly caused by Yang Chengzu’s smashing of the Ministry of War yamen. This opinion was not only Pengze’s own. After Yang Chengzu arrested a small part of the Ministry of War, the remaining Ministry of War officers were quite sympathetic. These days, they were always slacking off to counter the court’s investigation and correction of the Ministry of War.
In this state of confrontation, the Ministry of War has actually been paralyzed, including the payment of salaries to the generals. Even if Mongolian soldiers surrounded the capital, these people did not seem to be willing to compromise with the emperor. Before their colleagues got an explanation, the Ministry of War was probably not willing to work.
It’s very problematic to make overall plans to dispatch the capital from the Ministry of War, the highest yamen, and it’s also very difficult for the Beijing camp to panic because of the former inventory workers. Some new camp officials have not been able to grasp the troops, including some people, and they have not even understood the figures and strength of their own departments. Now, when there is a riot, it is unlikely to pull out the troops to fight.
At this time, Yang Tinghe threw another bombshell: "The people near the capital have fled into the city, and the food price has risen by 30%. This is just the grain transportation in the capital, and many officials are worried that the lack of food in the besieged city will lead to a rebellion."
"Yang Ge you mean the food in the city will go up? How much of the grain in the grain depot in Jingshi will be taken out and how much effect will it have? "
"I’m afraid that the eyes are not on the profit-seeking of merchants in the flat season, but on the market of sex goods, which is also the way of heaven. The imperial court should not interfere too much in the former Chongwenmen tax supervision and taxation. The price of the capital is 20% higher than in previous years, and some hong merchants are unwilling to go to Beijing to trade. The merchants are also prepared to give up this time because of the daily high level. The price of the refugees entering the city will naturally go up. If the imperial court is worried that the merchants will never want to sell food into Beijing again, the lack of food in the capital will become the norm. If it is true,
Jiang Mian gave a gift, "Long live Yang Ge’s point. Nowadays, there are more than 100,000 people living in cities outside the capital. People who have fled the war and their families are everywhere in the streets and alleys of the city. People who are hungry for food can win but can’t hurt the roots of the court. If these refugees are not handled properly, they will really become a menace."
"What should all the ministers do?"
"I wait for the relief to be handled by the court in accordance with previous years, so that the gentry in dajia can really rely on the money and food provided by the gentry for disaster relief. The court will give them a commendation and then promise them some conditions, and this crisis can also be resolved."
Jiajing fudged and asked, "What about the thief outside the city? I heard that you can see Lu riding to and from Mercedes-Benz at the head of the city now, and that the northern Lu wants to pitch a tent outside the city. It seems that he wants to trap the city and retreat from the enemy. "
Liang Dao: "Although the foundation of Zhang Ran is unstable, there are also three battalions of officers and soldiers in Beijing who have more than 200,000 feet to resist the strong enemy and defend the enemy in the city. The Nine-sided Qinwang Division will certainly be able to break the thief from the inside, and before the Qinwang Division arrives, there will be no waves and no peace talks in the city, so that the thief can’t advance or retreat, and the thief will fail!"
Several of his cabinet ministers nodded and said that what Liang Houzhai said was indeed the most appropriate response to Jiajing’s ex-Yang Chengzu’s return. He also knew that the so-called 200,000-strong army in Beijing camp was actually an actual combat soldier, even if there were no more than 30,000 people, even if the fighting capacity of the squad was suspicious, it was not very sure about the field battle outside Beilu.
However, Jia Jing, a hot-blooded teenager, still has a passionate and cynical temperament. This strategy of waiting for help is not in his mind. Soon after the meeting, he ordered Zhang Zuo to call Yang Chengzu, hoping to hear some constructive opinions from this brother. Soon, he received news that Yang Chengzu suffered from the fall of Mongolian cavalry outside the city, and he also met his second sister who was crying pear flowers and taking rain.
"The emperor’s brother and sister, please be afraid of people to save the elder sister … to save Yang Dage. Those northern Lu people are so fierce that he stayed outside to save me. It’s all my fault. I’m a pest and I hurt him."
Looking at Yongchun’s crying and gloomy appearance, Jia Jing’s heart was first sent back to her sister, and then Huang Jin, Zhang Zuo and Zhu Chen were declared into the palace.
"Yang Dage didn’t go to town. No one told me what the East Factory and the Royal Guards were doing to eat. Why do you know such an important thing until now? "
Zhu Chen looked at the two eunuchs. After the East Factory captured Jiang Bin, it was under the jurisdiction of Gu Da. However, it was also very dangerous for Yang Tinghe to suppress Gu Da’s position for the East Factory and the Royal Guards. The East Factory could not play a role in spying. This kind of thing is that the Royal Guards workers Huang Jin and Zhang Zuo naturally won’t carry this pot for him.
He coughed two times, "Long live because there are too many people in the city, and I have been sent by the Ministry to maintain order, and I have to prevent gangsters from taking the opportunity to make a mess in the town of Nanfu … I couldn’t take care of it at the moment."
Jiajing nodded callously. "I understand that there is nothing wrong with you doing this. After all, the people are important. It’s good that the Royal Guards can think about the safety of the people. I won’t blame you. You go and do a good job. If possible, send someone to find out what Yang Tishuai found. Remember to return it."
He also ordered Zhang Zuo to "check how much money there is in the carrier warehouse, including the money to form a new army. You can also take it out. I want to come to Beijing camp soldiers. At the beginning, Wangfu Yiwei was all about rewarding them. I will reward them so that each of them can get the money and ask them to go out of the city to have a fight and get their eldest brother back. By the way, Anlu Yiwei’s old friends should also inform them to prepare for the war."
Zhang Zuowen turned to leave before Melvin wong timely suggested, "We should ask several cabinet ministers to discuss this matter. After all, soldiers should not be rash. After all, the safety of the capital matters …"
Chapter six hundred and twenty-three Die ()
The fact that the whole capital troops were mobilized was that Jiajing in the hands of the Ministry of War Pavilion knew that even if he wanted to send troops to save lives, he could not bypass the Pavilion and act. However, even Yuan Zonggao vetoed Jiajing’s proposal after several cabinet ministers arrived here.
Several cabinet ministers have a high degree of unity of opinion. Even emperors forced Yuan Zonggao to leave the city for World War I. An Lu, an old minister, was the most talkative of all. After several cabinet ministers returned to the duty room, he did not follow him, but Jiajing pulled up his family.
"Long live Houzhai Office. We can’t lose our minds because of one person."
He is used to living in Huguang, and the climate here in the capital is not suitable for him. Since he entered Beijing, Yuan Zonggao’s health has not been good enough, and his illness has become more and more serious. Although he has cured too much, he has not seen any improvement. If he does not really want to make a career, he should cultivate himself at home now.
Coughing and comforting the young day, "Yang Tishuai and I fought side by side when guarding the Wangfu. Although we are armed, we are really close to each other. He is in danger, and the old man is also worried. If possible, the old man is willing to try his best to save him, but the current situation does not allow us to do so. You are a man who is responsible for the safety of Wan Li and can’t be emotional. Our personal feelings will eventually give way to the affairs of the country."
A violent cough Yuan Zonggao curled up violently, but he still stubbornly expounded his views.
"Yang Ge, Liang Ge and others may have some opinions about Chengzu, but they all know that the minister of light and heavy will not affect their decision because of this prejudice. The fact that our troops don’t have the ability to fight outside the city with Mongols, even if they spend a lot of money to let the army go out to fight a battle, they can’t win. After slaying Jiang Bin’s remaining party, we don’t have suitable generals and troops here. It is impossible to win."
"Eye we are relying on these Beijing camps as a facade to scare the Mongols. Once this facade doesn’t hold up, it’s a problem not to save people, even to maintain the defense of the capital. Besides, this inventory of Beijing camps has damaged many people. When they have grievances in their hearts, they can grasp whether they really want to die slowly. Maybe it has happened since last night … If we are lucky enough to hide in the mountains or wait for the arrival of the diligent king’s teacher, we can turn to danger. It is an illusory goal to take risks and fight a battle. I think even Yang Yizheng here today.
Jiajing nodded, "Yuan Lao, you are my teacher. You make sense. I always believe that since you support Yang Ge’s arrangement, it must be reasonable, but …"
"Your mood is old and white. At the beginning, my favorite child was infected with smallpox, and I was willing to spend all my money to save my young life. But in the end, there was nothing I could do. When the doctor told me that the medicine stone didn’t work, long live the old mood. It’s the same as manpower. Everyone has his own things that we can’t do. What we can do can be the overall situation."
"Thank you, teacher, for understanding me. I won’t delay the overall situation. Teacher, go to rest. Your body …"
Yuan Zonggao gratified a smile. "I have nothing in my body at this age, even if I meet the old chitose minister in Jiuquan, there is no regret. Long live my wish. You originally arranged the old minister to the cabinet to be nailed. This old minister was very old, and I also thought about going to compete with Yang Tinghe and others until I entered the cabinet. I realized that they were all very good scholars. With such a wise minister, I can live forever. Fortunately, I am old and I can’t really accompany them when I am old, or they are in Chengzu …
Jiajing personally sent Yuan Zonggao out of the Chengtian Temple, and everyone, including Huang Jin and others, recognized that the emperor did indeed let it go until Jiajing returned to the hall, but concentrated on handling several copies of rice to appease the people. It was not until more than half an hour later that he inadvertently called Zhang Zuo into the hall and ordered something.
Dengshikou Yang Zhai Yang’s women have been crying, their eyes are red as a fairy, and they are biting their lips. They are issuing one order after another. Yang Chengzu has fallen outside the city. The news house has got the news, but no one dares to tell Liu the news, but it has not caused a big storm.
With the passage of time, the hearts of women in the family have reached their throats. Zhao Yaoniang and other martial arts women have packed up their sleeves and neatly lined them. Hao Qingqing will behave himself behind the big iron bow and send his female soldiers to guard from Qinglong Mountain.
"Ruxian, our troops are almost ready. Your family takes care of the old lady and we’ll get" xianggong "back."
"I’m not familiar with Cao Gang here, but I can still connect with some people. Now people are fleeing everywhere and going to the city. If they are willing to pay, they can also raise some young people who don’t want to die. The real problem is weapons and horses, but this needs to be bought at a big price at the Beijing camp the other day. My husband is very familiar with those dude brothers. They may have a way."
Iron Coral said nothing, but held Big Ugly tightly in her arms. Now Big Ugly can call her mother, while calling her mother, she scratched her mother’s hair with her hands. Iron Coral looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes and finally put her in Miao’s arms. "Miao … Miao Niang, if I can’t come back, you take good care of Big Ugly for me."
Even the two women who didn’t accept the house, Siqin Siqi, are ready to go to war, even though they know that hundreds of guards are searching for their husbands to die. These women are scrambling, and no one wants to stay.
Ruxian looked at them and nodded, "To tell you the truth, I’ve always wanted to tidy up all of you so that I can monopolize Chengzu’s younger brother, but I’ll go with you if I have a life to come back today."
Zhao Yao Niang hands rested on her hips with disdain "go together? Do you know kung fu? With a sword and a bow, you can catch one of them and walk together with three strokes and two styles. "
Such as fairy a face of disdain waved the paper bag in his hand "I heard that it is thousands of Dalai soldiers outside will kung fu have an egg? Isn’t it just to die? It seems that any woman won’t be like the old lady who wants to come and get our man when he dies. It’s as simple as that. Don’t talk so much! "
She also called Siqin and Siqi to set up a woman’s bun with their own hands. Although they were not admitted to the house, setting up this bun can be regarded as being accepted by Yang Chengzu, which is regarded as the red face of Yang’s family. "Madam, I also want one …"
Mei’ e didn’t know what had happened. She knew that these sisters were going to look for her brother-in-law and jumped over and shook her skirt like a fairy. "I want to give me one, too, okay?"
"What are you fighting for? Compared to the pan head? On this craft, it’s probably that people in my house are better. How about letting me do the dishes? " Outside the courtyard, a new man dressed up as Princess Zhu Xiuchang, her personal bodyguard Luo Po, was followed by a large number of princess house guards.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-four Die ()
Zhu Xiuchang’s identity is sensitive and she can’t go out easily, let alone be so enraged. It’s easier to tell people with a large number of troops. Although she got news from her, she didn’t expect the Princess House to really come forward.
See her with a team to come over like a fairy face, but then a sudden change of face "we are all women here, what are you doing here as a young man?" No rules, get out or I’ll catch someone. "
"Catch people? As you like, the public … The public will be interesting to see who can drive me. "The man dressed up as Zhu Xiuchang looks handsome and handsome, and the appearance and manners are better than Yang Chengzu’s. The folding fan in his hand gently beats the palm and walks gracefully to the front of Ruxian, and then her face is squeezed hard.
"Cut still dare to yell at me your amazing? When did you not be the wife and I was the husband when we shared the same bed? Pack what? These people are my office, and most of them come back from three towns. It’s no secret that Seung Zu and I are here, and you’re not afraid that people will know what you’re doing. Team up to die? I have always thought that you are a wise man. Now it seems that I am probably wrong. "
Zhu Xiuchang said as she walked into the room to see Erchou, Sanchou, Bronze Hammer and Tianci, all of whom were lying in the rocking car. There were Li sisters there to look after Miao Niang, who was holding Ugly with tears on her face.
Whether it’s going out to find a husband or being entrusted to raise orphans, it’s a division of labor that is different from her husband’s attachment, and it’s not much different to stay than to rush out. It’s really a little less loving for the Li family and sisters to hold the hidden golden beans in their hands and cry into tears.
Zhu Xiuchang made a sudden snatch and took the golden beans and threw them in the corner. "Can’t you be a little fresh except to die?" Everyone is dead. Who will take care of my son and who will serve the old lady? What qualifications do you have to compete with me, Zhu Xiuchang, for men? It’s good to like death so much. I’ll take a pill of horse with palace medicine here and die without pain. Whoever wants the pill will come and get it himself! "
She pinched her face and called names as soon as she entered the door. She waited until she was angry and sat like a fairy before she brought a bowl of tea. "Well, you’ve called names enough. That’s what you can do." I know you are a princess, and we women are different from us. We really don’t know what to do except to die. Since you have a way, just say it. "
Zhu Xiuchang sighed and gently dialed the floating foam on the lid of the bowl. "You asked me for a way. I also want to find someone to find a way, but how many ways can we men not have?" I’m not as good as Qian Furen Anlu in the capital, and there are not many people and miscellaneous places in Beijing. Besides, this time it’s not that simple. Even there are people who play games behind the break of Gubeikou and the husband’s distress. "
She pointed to the outside. "Your house is now the headquarters of Anlu Yiwei, and most of them have been placed in the Royal Guards. Long live now, and they have all mobilized to camp outside your house. This team is the only one we have trusted at present, and I don’t trust anyone except them."
Hao Qingqing didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. Instead, he felt a little fussy. Although many people poured into the city, it was impossible for the capital to come up with a large-scale rebellion even if Shi Jinliang was resurrected. dengshikou, where the Yang family lived, was a prosperous place, and there were a large number of hospital thugs in the giants. Even if there were blind people who thought of breaking in here, it was not cheap.
However, it is as thoughtful as a fairy when her face changes. "Princess, are you saying that someone is going to do something to us?"
Zhu Xiuchang nodded. "Don’t rule out that this may be due to the reasons, including the fact that my husband had an accident. It is estimated that they can’t get away with those people. Now they are still stuck with food, forcing the emperor to bow their heads and want to return the account to their side for long live. Otherwise, I’m afraid they will deliberately stick with food, drive up the price of rice in the capital, and create panic. It’s not as easy as imagined that those aristocratic families hold the materials, money and food in their hands, and the border troops can’t pull it without enough food. And this account in your hands is not as good as
Although Iron Coral has kung fu, she has always been weak and born too low to express her opinions, but at this time she can’t help saying, "If anyone dares to come, I’ll shoot them one by one."
"What if I frighten the old lady or my baby?" Zhu Xiuchang can’t help but come to the front of the rocking car again and pick him up. Even if he wakes up after falling asleep, it doesn’t matter if the child’s face gently kisses her eyes, which is full of maternal love.
"Long live there is a message for me to take care of you. Yang Lang is his brother-in-law and his brother Wei Hui Fu. Long live the credit for rescuing Anlu from thieves. He will try his best to save people. Even if there are any conditions in Beilu, he will also consider the need to save people alive. Now it is more dangerous for you. Even if you really kill people, you can finally find someone to hold them accountable. It is not easy for you to be honest at home at this time and protect yourself and the old lady.
Has always been the most quiet and calm is Yang Chengzu most alienated Li Yu’ e suddenly took a godsend from Yongshou. "According to you, we can’t do anything to get such news? If that’s your attitude, then this kid is nothing to you. He is our Yang family’s blood just like Erchou. Do you dare to recognize him? I dare not admit what it is to come here again and throw cold water on it. My man, we have to get it back. If we can’t get it back, we will accompany him. It seems that I can’t stand it. I can’t live without him. "
After so long wind and rain, that resentment was finally diluted. Now Li Yu ‘e Yang’s wife or most women in this era have taken this man as their own department.
Zhu Xiuchang didn’t look up the child she took away for a while, but she didn’t get annoyed. Instead, she smiled, "I didn’t see that you were quite good at the beginning, but now you protected him. It’s interesting to let my son go. I’m going to scare him. I’m not going to stop talking with you, so I just watch, but I can’t let you do stupid things. Now there are their eyes everywhere in the Tatar soldiers city. If you leave the city, you will die, which is exactly what those bastards want. If Yang Lang comes back, you are missing a few It’s not to accompany him to death, but to take revenge, blood for blood, and let those guys die. Women go to Jiaofang Sichang at worst and pull those bastards to die together. "
Chapter six hundred and twenty-five Fang
God-given has woken up at this moment, but instead of being shy with strangers, Li Yu’ e giggled in her arms and went to arch Li Yu’ e’s chest to find milk. This picture of Zhu Xiuchang’s anger at Yu’ e also decreased a little. She sat back in her seat and picked up the tea lamp.
"Feed my son and give your father and your dead brother a decent enough shadow in the future. They can’t earn it back when they are alive. These giants want to do business with the Mongols, want to kill them, and want to take this opportunity to let the Mongols go and make such a big deal. They will not leave any clues and follow the clues. We are not afraid of finding no one. We will visit them one by one and talk to them after we have confirmed them. Before that, everyone will live well for me. I have a hunch that we men are not so easy to fall."
Such as immortals and others, their ambition to die has really been dispelled after her noise. Maybe there are spies sent by the murderer to look for opportunities near their home. If we mobilize a large group of people to attack home at this time, there may be problems.