"Boss, there are footprints here …" Ma Chao pointed to two sets of footprints on the beach not far away, one large and the other small, and a dense forest was in the distance.

"It’s … Liuyuhexiang." Qiu Tong walked over and stepped into a small footprint, which should look like a woman.
"Maybe. Let’s follow the footprints and look at the past." Say that finish Long Xiaofei has taken the lead.
Not far away, it turned out to be a tropical rain forest. The sultry and humid footprints have been distinguished in the Woods, but Long Xiaofei already knows where the two people are going. Not far away, there is a wooden house covering an area of about 200 square meters. Outside the house is a small swimming pool that looks like a rich villa.
A group of people came quietly to the cabin to listen in, and there was a voice inside, so they relaxed their steps and came to the window.
It was Liu Yu. They seemed to be arguing with someone. The man had a very special voice. Long Xiaofei recognized it as the one wearing a black cotton-padded jacket.
Chapter 192 Fir Villa
"Give me back Lingyu!" It’s Liu Yuyin.
It turns out that someone robbed her of Ling Yulong Xiao Fei’s face. It seems that he really underestimated Liu Yu. She said that the Dihe line didn’t get anything, but obviously she already had Ling Yu in her hand, so a few of them are still unknown.
I can’t listen to Long Xiaofei for a while. I wonder if Liuyu will be in any danger if she doesn’t go in. Although she keeps lying, she may have a way to express her difficulties, and how can she be a policeman in from ruin?
Long Xiaofei had a low drink and rushed in. Han Baocheng immediately broke into the living room with him. Ma Chao and Liu Qiang consciously flashed to the window to prepare to meet Li Ying and Qiu Tong at any time. They looked at each other at the door and then hid behind the door and secretly looked inside.
This is the main living room on the first floor. It seems that the fight was fierce just now. The nanmu tea table has already been broken in half, and the tea bowl of the Nanni teapot has been broken all over the place. It seems that the whole person is lying in a dying state. Liuyu’s condition is not much better. His face is pale and his mouth is still standing in the center of the living room with blood hands and chest protectors.
The guy wearing a black cotton-padded jacket is leaning against the wall and wearing a mask. The shabby cotton-padded jacket is a bit exaggerated. Although it is not well dressed, it can’t hide its domineering. A female, a male and two red moths are uncharacteristically obedient. The black cotton-padded jacket has finished commanding the red moths. Liu Yu is obviously not an opponent.
Long Xiaofei felt that she really looked away. Liuyu’s surface was fragile, but this girl is obviously a practitioner. Even she seems to be afraid of her for three points. But Liuyu, after all, is a girl’s strength and her speed and endurance are first-class. She has obviously lost.
"Stop it …" Long Xiaofei has reached for a gun with one hand and shook hands. He was about to save Liuyu by listening to the black cotton-padded jacket. Hey hey sneer at one or two red moths. They no longer continue to fight and fly to the window. The red moths hit the window and stretched their wings. The black cotton-padded jacket moved very fast and jumped out of the window.
Long Xiaofei ran a few steps and went to the window with a gun ready to shoot some so close. Ma Chao and Liu Qiang must be in the middle of the target to hide from the window. Both of them jumped up and jumped on the black cotton-padded jacket together to see if they could catch this ghostly guy. At that moment, the black cotton-padded jacket took out a smoke bomb from nowhere and dumped it. The window immediately leaps up and a choking smell spreads.
Long Xiaofei covered his nose and mouth and jumped out of the window to see that the black cotton-padded jacket had already leaped over the female red moths. The whole person flew to the middle of his hand and even threw a few smoke bombs. Seeing that the villa was shrouded in black fog, even the whole forest was immersed in the dense fog until the black fog cleared and the moths disappeared.
Long Xiaofei returned to the cabin just visible. Liu Yu had fallen to the ground. He held Liu Yu in his hands and carried her to a better place outside. The name Xiang had already died.
Liu Qiang finally woke up Liuyu Liuyu with tears and said nothing. Long Xiaofei, a seriously injured girl, didn’t want the horse to put pressure on her, so she patted her shoulder and let her rest and recover, and then asked Liu Qiang to examine Liuyu’s wound and bandage it.
That night, a group of people stayed in the wooden house villa. There was a small warehouse on the side of the villa. There was food and firewood in it. The kitchen was on the first floor. Ma Chao took Li Ying to the Woods to shoot some rabbits. Han Baocheng also caught some fish at the lake. It was also a beautiful place. The rabbit meat was tender and the fish was delicious. Everyone enjoyed it very much.
The villa has two floors: the living room and the kitchen on the first floor, and the five bedrooms on the second floor. For safety reasons, seven people live in three rooms: Li Ying, Liu Qiang and Han Baocheng. On the left, one middle school lives in Qiutong and Liuyu, and on the right, Ma Chao and Long Xiaofei live in all beds. If it weren’t for this strange adventure, this place can really be called a tourist paradise.
When it was dawn, Long Xiaofei was awakened by a fierce knocking at the door. When she opened the door, it was autumn with the same face of panic outside. It turned out that she woke up and found that Liuyu was gone. Long Xiaofei and Ma Chao hurriedly rushed to Qiutong and Liuyu Room to see Liuyu pillow with a note "Thank you, Officer Long. See you soon."
Long Xiaofei shook his head indifferently. "It’s time to leave or not."
The loulong Xiaofei saw Li Yingzheng alone, stroking the column next to the ceiling column with one hand and talking to himself.
"What’s the shadow for?" Long Xiaofei came to Li Ying’s side.
Li Ying looked back at Long Xiaofei. His frown seemed to be thinking about something. He hesitated for a moment before saying, "Xiao Fei, look, these Woods for building villas are all good alpine fir."
Long Xiaofei paused. "Do you mean that the owner of this villa is rich?"
Li Ying shook her head. "Let’s just say that this fir tree is unique to temperate zones. I don’t know if you have noticed that those trees in the Woods are species growing in tropical rainforests. Don’t you feel strange?"
Long Xiaofei nodded. "You’re right. It’s strange that the villa owner has to go through all kinds of hardships to transport so much wood from outside without using local materials. Isn’t that sick?"
Li Ying Zhan Yan smiled. "That’s what I mean by the way."
It was not until after breakfast that Ma Chao and Han Baocheng came back from the outside to see Long Xiao Fei Ma and said, "Boss, this is a valley. When we came, we saw that the lake was three or four thousand square meters. Besides this lake, it was a forest, and there were also two thousand square meters. Outside, there were cliffs several thousand meters high, except that the tunnel didn’t seem to lead to the outside exit."
Ma Chao has always been Long Xiaofei’s best assistant. He is vigorous and clear-headed. Not yet. Long Xiaofei ordered him to take Han Baocheng to investigate this small area again.
Long Xiaofei nodded "hard"
Ma Chao looked dark. "There is one more thing. I don’t know when the hole was blown up when we came. When I got there, it was so dark that even the reef was blown to pieces. It seems that the one wearing a black cotton-padded jacket tried to trap us here."
Long Xiaofei frowned. "It seems that I can’t put everything in the black cotton-padded jacket. Liuyu sneaked away while we were sleeping. I don’t know what position she is. How do you know that she didn’t do it? But god shuts one door but he shuts another. Let’s split into two teams and look around to see if we can find another way out. "
Six people were divided into two groups: Ma Chao, Liu Qiang and Li Ying. Long Xiaofei, Han Baocheng and Qiu were in the same group. The demarcation line of this wooden house villa was investigated in two different directions.
Chapter 193 Attack
At dusk, the birds are still in their nests, and they rush back to the wooden house and villa. They have seen all the wonders in the valley, but they have not found a way to the outside world.
Looking at the villa from a distance, smoke has risen. It must be Ma Chao. They came back first. Ma Chao knows how to hunt. I don’t know what mountain products has got to eat.
Sure enough, two colorful pheasants hung on the door frame outside the villa. Ma Chao and Liu Qiang were making a fire and boiling water to depilate the pheasant. When they looked up and saw Long Xiaofei, the three of them Ma Chao quickly asked, "Have you found anything?"
Long Xiaofei shook his head. "My feet are out of the blisters and I haven’t found you?"
Ma Chao smiled and pointed to the pheasant hanging on the door. "I found this."
Long Xiaofei nodded. "You really found something very important. Filling your stomach is a prerequisite for all his things. It seems that you have the luck to eat again today."
Qiu Tong flashed out from behind Long Xiaofei. She put a lot of wild fruits in her skirt and shouted, "Look, look, I found it!"
Ma Chao erected his thumb. "Qiu Tong is really good for you!"
Han Baocheng found a stool and sat down. "Yes, this girl is really not simple. Don’t look at these wild fruits. It’s a few meters high. You haven’t seen Qiu Tong climb trees. I look silly. Sun Wu’s sister is from Huaguoshan."
Autumn with unhappy black face gave Han Baocheng a push "Cheng Ge, you don’t like to talk on weekdays, call names and scold me when you talk, but don’t say it and take my brother"
"Bah … I was wrong, not yet …" Han Baocheng was flushed by Qiu Tong, and he was not a glib talker, and he didn’t have any words at this time.
"Punish you for washing the fruit" Qiu Tong pointed to a table of wild fruit, and it was a natural person not to hold grudges.
"I’ll wash it …" Han Baocheng busily cleaned up the wild fruit and found something to wash.
In autumn, the same kind of music is upside down. In fact, whether it is the place where the river flows backwards or the colorful jade is not very attractive to her, she is interested in this trip, adventure and some little secrets that belong to her alone. She is not worried or interested in getting out of this valley.
Long Xiaofei squatted beside Ma Chao, Ma Chao failed and looked at him and said, "Boss, who do you think the man wearing a black cotton-padded jacket is always doing the right thing with us?"
Long Xiaofei threw some firewood into the bottom of the pot and said, "Ma Chao, don’t you think this black cotton-padded jacket has never done us any harm?"
Ma Chao thought for a moment and nodded and said, "It is also true that we have been sabotaging his actions, but we are also right. He is a suspicious person in Qingyin County and Samsung Village, and he is in contact with Bai Lixia and Xiao Min with malicious intentions. The black cotton-padded jacket has been deliberately covering up his appearance and whereabouts. How can such a sneaky person do anything good?"
Long Xiaofei said, "I think so, too, but I always feel vaguely that there is something wrong."
Ma Chao patted Long Xiaofei with a smile. "Boss, you think too much. Just because he can command Red moths, I doubt that he is the real mastermind of the evil deeds of Red moths. Do you remember that Bai long summer’s attitude towards him has always been respectful? This means that Bai long summer is a follower and Samsung Village killed Mandy. Fortunately, Mandy gave the purple jade to the column early, otherwise he would have succeeded."
Long Xiaofei said, "Well, even if you are right, it’s a guess for us. I have never seen him do a bad thing with my own eyes."
Ma Chao said, "Is it a bad thing to hurt Liu Yu and rob her of Ling Yu yesterday?"
Long Xiaofei patted himself gray. "Do you dare to say that Liuyu is a good man? She lied about her identity. She had a jade in her hand. She also said that Dihe No.1 Institute pretended to be weak, but she was so proficient in water. She didn’t have the equipment to dive for so long. We arrived in this valley one step ahead of us, and she was not inferior to you and me. Ma Chao, do you think such a woman will be a member of the scientific research team? "
Ma Chao opened his mouth but retorted.
Long Xiaofei was ready to leave with his hands behind his back, when he left, he added, "And if I didn’t guess wrong, she made a black cotton-padded jacket and entered the valley. She should have flown in by riding a red moths. She didn’t necessarily know there was a tunnel, but she buried explosives before leaving to seal us off. It seems that she wants to cut off our external connection, so what purpose is unknown."
There was a shadow hidden outside the kitchen window. Hearing Long Xiaofei’s words, he couldn’t help secretly laughing for a while until he smelled the smell of chicken in the kitchen and pressed it. He was already hungry and turned around and quietly left.
As night falls, the forest is quiet, and a delicious dinner is over. Everyone else has gone back to the window on the second floor of Fanglong Xiaofei and looked into the distance.
The night is dark, the stars are like diamonds inlaid with black velvet, and the moon hangs indifferently around it. The lake is sparkling with dazzling moonlight, and there are two big birds passing by the lake as if they are busy preying on the fish in the lake. These two birds are too big, and every time they will set off a layer of white waves, which is quite spectacular.
Long Xiaofei looked back and saw that Ma Chao, who had fallen asleep, had exhausted this young man these days. He couldn’t bear to disturb Ma Chao’s dream. He conveniently took out his gun from the pillow and filled it with several anesthetic bullets. Long Xiaofei quietly went out of the wooden house villa and slowly approached the lake not far away.
Soon arrived at the golden beach, Long Xiaofei felt his feet soft, looked up and looked at the two big birds hovering around the lake. At this time, he finally saw that it was a female, a male and two red moths. Long Xiaofei was busy looking for water fish, clenched his gun and got closer and closer to the lake …
There seems to be a gust of wind blowing behind him. Long Xiaofei stopped and frowned. He just wanted to look back and see "Bang!" Yi Long Xiao Fei felt that some liquid was flowing down his forehead at the first heat. He reached out with a bright red piece of his hand and said, "Oh, no, it was blindsided." Then his head tilted down the beach.
Behind him, the shadow of cold hum stretched out his hand and took Long Xiaofei’s gun one by one. "It depends on the owner to beat the dog, but still dare to beat me."
The shadow caught Long Xiaofei’s ankles. Obviously, the roots were too heavy to drag. He threw the black cotton-padded jacket with hanging arms on the beach. It was so hot here. The thickness of this cotton-padded jacket had already made him feel a little overwhelmed. The shadow tried to drag Long Xiao Fei Beach to leave a long drag mark …
Chapter 194 Black cotton-padded jacket
In the morning, Ma Chao finally found out that Long Xiaofei was gone. He searched the building again, but there was still no Long Xiaofei’s shadow. In his heart, he knocked on Li Ying’s door anxiously and told the news to three people in the room.
Qiu Tong next door was also shocked and ran out barefoot. After learning the news, Qiu Tong turned pale and ran all the way out of the wooden house without wearing shoes.
I’ve been alone since I met Long Xiaofei. They have long regarded these policemen as their relatives, especially Long Xiaofei. How can she allow anything to happen to Long Xiaofei?
D they immediately mulling several ways to find Long Xiaofei in different directions. At this moment, Qiu Tong whispered, "Mark has longge footprints here …"
Sure enough, a string of clear footprints on the beach is exactly what Long Xiaofei followed the footprints to catch up with a pool of harsh blood by the lake, which made everyone’s heart rise.
"Black cotton-padded jacket …" Qiu Tong pointed to another place on the beach.
Ma Chao took two steps to pick up a black cotton-padded jacket from the ground. It was the man who rode the red moths to the valley. Yesterday, Long Xiaofei also said that the black cotton-padded jacket didn’t take the initiative to hurt the team members. Now it’s like responding to that sentence to hurt everyone once. At this time, Ma Chao also found the mop mark. He waved his hand and everyone followed the mop mark to find it. Finally, the mop mark went into the Woods and could not be found again.
Ma Chao looked at the surrounding environment and said, "This drag mark is crooked and looks like it’s taken away. The flying dragon, Xiao Fei’s strength is not strong, and he is dragging a little hard. The weeds in the forest are even bigger, which prevents everyone from spreading out and looking around. He won’t go too far."