I cleaned Helen casually, wrapped her pajamas and went to the other side of the bed to lift the quilt and lie down.

Cold to twist a head and left a glance, both of them can lie across a person, she is this abandon him?
I felt quite chatted when I saw it. I looked at Helen before lying down and saw that her eyes were closed and her breathing was symmetrical. Tigress didn’t recognize the bed.
I’ve never slept so early, so I can’t sleep. I can stare at the ceiling and then slowly close my eyes.
Sue fell in love several times that night, and she was afraid of oversleeping and watching it again and again.
I got up at six o’clock in the morning when I saw it for the n th time.
Walking into the kitchen and pulling the refrigerator, the ingredients are full. It seems that the aunt bought them.
Take out two eggs, cut some pieces of bread, pour two cups of milk and throw them into the microwave oven.
After making breakfast, Sue went to call Lu Yichen for breakfast.
Liu Yichen hasn’t woken up yet. Did he mumble a sentence so early?
Sue’s late drama pinched his nose and Liu Yichen fell asleep again.
So sleepy?
Sue shook her head at night and went to have breakfast by herself. She put him on the table, left a note and went to work.
Today is a cloudy day. Although it is already in beginning of spring, the wind still blows to people from all directions, just like walking in ice water.
It’s cloudy and ten meters away, but I can’t see clearly what a figure looks like
The class is still early, and there is no one in Su’s family who has a security guard on duty at the door.
Section 361
The security guard saw her busy saying hello.
Sue late feeling some shame smiled to the ladder.
Every time she comes to class, the security guard will say hello to her. She didn’t come yesterday. I wonder what the security guard was thinking.
Push the office door, stretch out your hand and turn on the lights.
Now that five small projects have started to add pb projects, I’m afraid Su Kang has to borrow a lot of money from investment companies.
I took out a card from my wallet, and there was 50 million in it, or Lu Yichen gave her lucky money, and now it just happened to be a show.
When I saw my eyes, I found Zhang Huan’s words and dialed them.
"… who’s calling?" The man didn’t wake up
Sue was a little sorry and said, "It’s my senior."
Zhang Huan sat up from the bed and rubbed his eyes. "What’s the matter? Late love "
"Why don’t we meet sometime later?"
Zhang Huan nodded with his eyes closed, remembering that Sue couldn’t see the situation at night and said, "Good, I have something for you, too. It’s time to close the net quickly."
"Well, see you later at the Palace Bar!"
Hang up the words after Sue evening feeling corners of the mouth slightly Yang listen to senior tone Su Kang should borrow a lot of money from him?
If one or two of the five projects go wrong, then he is bound to fail to close the funding gap.
Go to the French window and look at the gloomy day outside. This is the darkness before Lebanon. After this darkness, the sun will shine every day.
Liu Yichen was really sleepy. I barely slept the night before yesterday. Although I didn’t work during the day, I also handled business for a long time in my room.
Wake up, touch the bed, and the other side is already cold.
When I got up and walked out of the bedroom, I saw the table frying golden eggs and baking crispy bread, and the milk was still warm in the microwave.
Liu Yichen took a sip at the corner of her mouth, washed quickly and sat at the table eating Sue’s late love to prepare breakfast.
How can fried eggs taste so delicious today? Pure milk is not so bad.
When he entered Lushi, his mood was brilliant.
He will be a father in a few months after he tries harder.
"Manager Lu, what are you laughing at?" Jiang Zhuomu followed Liu Yichen from entering the Lushi Hall to see him smiling and scratching their heads.
Nobody said anything to him specially, so he couldn’t help asking.
Lu Yichen froze and smiled. "Did I laugh?"