Guo Ye glanced at Meng Xianzhu with his eyebrows and shouted, "Yes, Xianzhu is right. Kill them first and command the system!"

Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty-seven Ten steps to kill a person
Outside the mercenaries, everything here has been destroyed by gunfire. There are craters everywhere and destroyed trees everywhere.
However, many craters are beneficial to Cang Lang’s actions, and they can successfully sneak attack on the mercenary command system. Meng Xianzhu brought out three teams in one breath, and the other team was left by Zhang Xiaohuai. This is already the purpose of Cang Lang!
Meng Xianzhu lay motionless and watched the situation ahead. The soldiers have been sent out and will soon bring news. These mercenaries have already been terrified by their own army. If they are caught by Cang Lang, they will definitely leak out the whole protection position of mercenaries. Then the thunder will rush to the headquarters and kill them cleanly!
It’s just entering the early hours of the morning, and it’s still early. I want to come to Cang Lang very much. The actions are all about three o’clock in the middle of the night. That time is the lowest point of human physical fitness, the most sleepy time and the most relaxed time.
At this time, several figures shook and sent to the international troops to come back. The first song was the team leader Qingfeng.
Meng Xianzhu low way "? Is the Qingfeng Department all done? "
QingFeng hey hey say with smile "captain let’s brothers and make uncertain time? We caught four or five tongues in one breath, and it was almost convenient to sweep the situation. We also stole a sketch. You see … "
Say this, Qingfeng handed a sketch to clearly mark the entire mercenary position, and all the important positions of the ammunition depot and artillery position headquarters were clearly marked.
Meng Xianzhu was overjoyed to have this thing. Isn’t that a sure thing?
Meng Xianzhu whispered, "It’s just less than one o’clock. We will act on time at three o’clock. Your department will have a good rest. Don’t hold back then. The whole situation depends on us …"
They nodded.
Meng Xianzhu said to the deputy district chief Kong Xiangdong, "Old Kong, this time, you lead a team to sneak attack the other ammunition depot first, but you will detonate them for me, and then move in the direction of the artillery position to sneak attack them. The artillery remembers not to continue to fight. Once the sneak attack is successful, regardless of the other party’s damage, if it is immediately transferred in the direction of the headquarters, it will be ready to meet our retreat; The rest of the people follow me, and there is one goal, that is, their headquarters will wait until the ammunition depot explodes, and we will be ready to act. At that time, it was the most chaotic time for the mercenary position, and the commander would definitely rush out to check the enemy’s situation for the first time. The sniper prepared one for me, so don’t let go of it! We will be surrounded by each other for a few minutes if it is too long, and it will be difficult to get out then! "
Meng Xianzhu confessed one by one to make everyone remember clearly.
At three o’clock, the whole mercenary position was quiet at this time, and most of the mercenaries had fallen asleep. Only a few guards were left to patrol the position back and forth. It was impossible for such a large position to be supervised by several guards without leaving any loopholes.
Kong Xiangdong and others took the lead in moving into mercenary positions. No one in Cang Lang was carrying a * * bag on his back. Look at the place where ammunition was placed.
The defense here is almost the tightest, but it’s not easy to get in, but it’s not difficult for Cang Lang.
A soldier learned to lie prone and called several guards to hear and laugh. "Yo, there will be a dog here. Just take this opportunity to catch him. Let’s stew a pot of dog meat to eat or go to the cold …"
Said this slowly walked to come over to this side.
But they have just been near the crater here, and several Cang Lang jumped into the hands with a tiger leap. The mercenary’s throat was gently scratched, and a large amount of blood was sprayed out. The mercenary died and lay motionless.
I didn’t even know that my comrades-in-arms had lost their lives.
Cang Lang quickly touched the ammunition point, raised his head and made a gesture to pull open the lead after placing more than a dozen * * bags, and then quickly ran toward the outside.
At this time, the mercenaries around finally found out where the wrong people came from and ran quickly at this time. They immediately raised their rifles and shouted, "Somebody stop or we will shoot!"
At this time, several Cang Lang swooped into the crater in the distance …
"Boom!" ……
Mercenaries haven’t reacted yet. The package has already exploded. There are almost one-third of the army here, and the amount of ammunition is amazing! The huge explosion brought out the shock wave and directly swept the surrounding security forces to pieces!
Far away, Cang Lang was so shocked that I could hardly hear anything. My heart felt uncomfortable. It was too dangerous. The explosion power of such a large ammunition depot was too great!
Now the command can’t talk anymore.
Kong Xiangdong repeatedly gesticulated and ordered Cang Lang to move quickly, taking advantage of the chaos to touch the artillery position quickly!
Mozali, the headquarters, still didn’t rest at this time. Now the situation is so severe that he is sleepy and thinking hard about the best way to break the enemy before the map.
Some staff officers and generals are taking a nap at tables or chairs.
Just at this time, the violent explosion sounded, and the whole temporary headquarters followed a shaking. The whole land seemed to be turned over and everyone was awakened!
"Not good!"
Mozali immediately came for nothing. The sneak attack must have been a sneak attack!
Mozali roared, "Somebody, what the hell is going on outside!"
At this time, a guard stumbled into the room and stammered, "The commander of the company … is not good. Our No.3 ammunition depot exploded!"
Mozzari jumped up at once, but there was a third of the ammunition in the army. How can we fight if the Ministry explodes?
Mozali roared, "What are you still doing? Go out and have a look. Immediately order the guard battalion to go out and see if there is an enemy attack!"
All the people in the headquarters rushed out to see what the whole position had already become a mess at this time. The mercenaries panicked and strayed around at a loss!
Chapter one thousand four hundred and thirty Thousands of miles without leaving a line
Mozali shouted, "Immediately order someone to strengthen the alert of his two ammunition depots to guard against the enemy’s sneak attack!"
This is the lifeblood of the army. If all four ammunition depots are blown up by others, there is no place to cry, so you can wait to be cut by others and eat up 100 thousand troops!
Several staff officers at hand immediately began to organize troops to run towards his ammunition depots.
However, at this time, the artillery position is coming again, and the screams of gun mercenaries are also one after another!
Mozali was so frightened that I wiped my artillery. Without artillery, why would he organize the other tank army?
Artillery is different from other arms. They don’t have many guns in their own roots. If the enemy attacks the artillery position, it will definitely cause heavy casualties!
Mozzari roared, "Someone will immediately transfer troops to the artillery position, so we should also talk about artillery protection!" Come on! "
Several officers began to mobilize troops and jumped at the artillery position.
I’m so angry, Mozali is almost angry now. Where’s Pandora? Where’s Pandora? Didn’t you always tell him to be careful? How did he get touched by so many enemy troops?
At this time, Pando finally ran over and said, "The commander is Cang Lang or Cang Lang!"
Mozali kicked Pando with one foot and yelled, "Now I know it, I don’t care!" Didn’t I always tell you to be careful How did you let in so many Cang Lang? "
Pan Duo got up with a grunt. "Commander, our patrol team is limited. We have six guard companies patrolling back and forth around the army position. Who knows that Cang Lang actually sneaked in while we patrolled the gap …"
Mozzari was so angry that it was too late to say anything. Mozzari roared, "Give me heavy troops immediately and surround Cang Lang. If you want to kill them all!"
Pan Duo shouted, "Yes, yes, commander, I’m going to transfer troops!"
Pando turned around and ran to one side. He just ran out, but a few tens of meters later, he heard a burst of guns behind him.
"Baba Baba …"
Pando suddenly turned to see this time around the headquarters suddenly out dozens of Cang Lang’s submachine gun in his hand with crazy shooting!
At this time, Mozali and others have fallen into a pool of blood!
"No, no!"
Pando roared wildly, "Somebody protect the commander immediately!"
Mercenaries around also began to react to Cang Lang suppressed the rifle in his hand and kept shooting.
Cang Lang is constantly fighting back, not only submachine gun hand grenades but also desperately throwing around the headquarters near the department of chaos.
At this time, Pando has rushed to Mozzarella’s side to see that Mozzarella has two more holes in his chest, and the blood is gurgling outward, risking the most deadly. These two are not the most deadly. There is a loophole in the right rear of his head. It is obvious that Mozzarella has not been saved. Three guns are fatal!
And it’s not a submachine gun, it’s a sniper rifle in Cang Lang!
Mozali was busy directing the operation and then kicked Pando’s feet, but he didn’t expect to expose his target for a long time. The sniper immediately locked on the target. In this case, Mozali would be damned if he could still live.
Not only did Mozali die through, but from the headquarters, all the generals almost died. A clean Cang Lang submachine gun fired wildly. Almost one escaped, and none of them were shot. Only a few lucky people escaped because of the reaction.
Headquarters people died in July 7th, so what’s the point now?
Meng Xianzhu in the distance smiled smugly and shouted, "Brothers!"
More than 100 Cang Lang began to retreat under cover of each other from various positions. At this time, groups of mercenaries also began to advance in the past, constantly pursuing Cang Lang!
At this time, after the artillery position was slammed, Kong Xiangdong also began to retreat, killing him from the oblique thorn, and a fierce shot suppressed the mercenaries.
Cang Lang began to retreat quickly towards the rear, killing one person in ten steps without leaving a line!
As soon as Cang Lang got out of the mercenary position, it was like a dragon’s return to the sea and a snowy field, and the treaty was flat. Where did this group of mercenary recruits chase them? In the end, they didn’t even leave a personal shadow to be seen by others!
It took more than an hour for the mercenary position to gradually calm down. Only one Cang Lang body was left in the whole position, which was accidentally exploded in the blasting and killed the rest and ran away!
But this sneak attack has done too much damage to mercenaries!