Oh, I’ll go and see what I have.’

Dad, I don’t know what this is, but’ Wei Youfang paused a little shyly’ Dad, I love you’
The other end is a little silent, and it seems that there are some people who don’t know, such as interfaces.
Dad, don’t say much. I’ll go back first and see what happens. I’ll go home when I find it.’
It’s even harder to say love to the closest person. If it weren’t for this time, people of Wei Youfang’s age wouldn’t say this love to their parents, perhaps because they were afraid that others would feel melodramatic and ashamed.
Wei Youfang took care of his thoughts and was a little upset while rushing back to his residence. There is a saying that I don’t know whether to fight or not. This ghost should not be a rare weather phenomenon. It must be something. If you don’t fight, you may not have a chance.
Wei Youfang flipped through the collection records and found a number that was seriously played in the past.
Sorry, the number you dialed is number’
Wei Youfang had mixed feelings at the moment. This number was Wei Youfang’s ex-girlfriend Jiang Lai’s words. After breaking up, Wei Youfang deleted the phone number. Jiang Lai erased everything, but they were so common friends among college students that some messages always came into Wei Youfang’s sight inadvertently. This number was Wei Youfang’s new number from Jiang Lai through other people’s circle of friends.
Yes, it’s the fate, hehe. Wei Youfang burst into some negative emotions and was confused at the moment. He returned to his residence to play communication software, and his circle of friends also burst. Everyone was panicked at the sudden astronomical phenomena, but his consciousness was faint, and Xu Xinqi was somewhat confused.
This day is going to change.
Chapter II You never know
I made a voice call and got through to Tian Qian, a roommate of Wei Youfang University and the most congenial friend, who was generous and considerate.
What the hell is this astronomical phenomenon? I’m a little scared.’
Laos, to tell you the truth, I want to go home now. I just talked to my mother at home, and I can’t help crying. I don’t care what this ghost phenomenon is, I’m going back anyway.’
I’m sure I’ll go back, but how to get back now is a problem. I doubt that traffic will be restricted.’
It’s not like a plague is limiting anything.’
Then try it. I think this thing will definitely cause panic. The road must be in a mess, but traffic control must be carried out.’
No matter how much, I packed up and left.’
All right, be careful all the way back and give me a message.’
Hang up the voice Wei Youfang couldn’t help staring at the black hole in the sky. Looking at the black hole quietly, I feel more depressed. The black hole seems to devour everything around me, including projecting the past. There seems to be a huge beast coming from the center of the black hole. The eyes from the sky seem to be disturbing. Wei Youfang doesn’t know what to do at the moment. He is sure to go home, but at this time, once someone can’t resist the pressure, negative emotions will erupt. This moment is legally binding. Public security turmoil is the minimum, and traffic chaos can’t be added. Going home at this time is not the first
All the TV stations were broadcast by CCTV in an emergency on this day, which calmed the information hosts and reporters with a panic, saying that they would comfort everyone and make them rational and stable. It is said that experts and scholars are studying all these changes as soon as possible, and the water friends on all sides of the forum are also in a mess. Anyway, everyone is also confused
Naturally, I won’t go to the interview in a trance, so I’m sure the examiner will not be so smart, and I won’t continue to go to class, and my eyes will turn back and forth on the network.
Cultivating love is bitter, and the bell rings when our efforts are not simple.
It’s a strange number to take out your mobile phone. Wei Youfang wondered if there should be any deception and sales promotion, and he was so dedicated.
Hello, who are you looking for?’
Wei Youfang, is that you? I’m Zeng Yu’
Zeng Yu?’
Don’t you remember me?’
"Remember, remember" said without hesitation, rummaging through my brain’s rapid memory, but I still can’t remember it at the moment.
Wei Youfang, I like you. Although we haven’t been in touch since I transferred, I have always liked you.’
After that, Wei Youfang hung up without waiting for Wei Youfang to react. Wei Youfang looked stupid and forced to look for this girl named Zeng Yu. She remembered her thoughts for a long time. A river and a small anal canal seemed to find this figure. Zeng Yu, a freshman, left Wei Youfang in the semester. Wei Youfang was not the kind of uninvited acquaintance. In one year, she was just able to match the girl’s name and face, so she didn’t remember Zeng Yushi deeply. Naturally, she didn’t know that Zeng Yu liked her love. That’s how you loved someone, and that person became your life note. For those who don’t love you, you are a passer-by in other people’s lives. Wei Youfang smiled and laughed. I, Wei Youfang, really is a genie. Everyone loves Wei Youfang, and I haven’t contacted Zeng Yu again. The kindest way to treat her who doesn’t love her is not to give her a trace of fantasy. Maybe Jiang Lai thinks so, too? If you don’t love something, you’ll break the link. Wei Youfang laughed at it and let it go. Tian Qian has packed up and gone home. Wei Youfang is too lazy to play games. Playing games is just a pastime with friends. It’s too interesting to play alone.
In this way, after three or five days, I listened to the conclusions drawn by various experts in the video every day, but there was no convincing conclusion in the end. However, some news of people’s disappearance gradually came to the Internet. To be precise, a person suddenly panicked by disappearing for a while and spread in the network. Wei Youfang was curious and expected to be curious about what would happen in this world the day after tomorrow. The expectation was that he would finally not face the established future in such an era.
Tian Qian called, and he has arrived home safely. Although he was robbed of his belongings by robbers halfway, he still arrived home intact if he had a lift. This world is not as flustered as Wei Youfang imagined. There are undeniably many bad guys and moths in this world, but there are more good people in this world, aren’t there? This is the best argument for the development of the world and the progress of mankind. After hearing the news of Tian Qian, Wei Youfang is also eager to go home as soon as possible. Although video calling has become very common with the progress of science and technology, it is more reassuring to have a home. It is still an old saying that home is the harbor of the soul, and it is also possible to resist this unknown fear or suffering with family.
Make a decision and act immediately, otherwise the action will be hindered by all kinds of chores. After cleaning up, Wei Youfang stumbled all the way from this residence where he lived for nearly a year and finally stepped on the bus home.
The bus set off and sat beside Wei Youfang. The nine-year-old girl was lovely. Her eyes were washed with water and the sky was shining. She was full of innocence. Wei Youfang and the little girl’s grandfather were talking about right and wrong. The little girl quietly listened to the little picture and drove the car. For three hours, the little girl gradually became familiar with Wei Youfang and became lively. Wei Youfang was also childlike and was playing with the little girl. Just as one big boy and two small children were playing, the front end of the train gradually disappeared and coaxed Wei Youfang into being unconscious.
A whole train suddenly disappeared, but only a few seconds later, the whole train appeared again, but there were less than ten people left.
Wei Youfang opened his eyes to see the train and couldn’t help but be stunned.
Oh, when I came back, the place turned out to be the same as when I went.’ Wei Youfang thought.
The few remaining people glanced at each other warily and flew out from the train.
Chapter III Hunting
When Wei Youfang woke up, he didn’t know how long it was, like a second or a whole century.
Where is this? Ah!’ Wei Youfang covered his mouth in surprise, but at the same time he jumped out of his mouth in alarm.’ What the hell is this?’ Wei Youfang has completely forced Wei Youfang to say that it is standard Mandarin, but it is really a burst of Xili snoring. When Wei Youfang was surprised and covered his mouth, he found that his hands were really bumpy and green, so he couldn’t help exclaiming again and almost swearing.
There is no name in this world, and your place is Gleason. A sentence suddenly popped up in my mind. Wei Youfang couldn’t help cursing. What the hell is this in my head? It seems that I have learned Wei Youfang’s thoughts, and another sentence popped up in my mind,’ I am a spiritual assistant in the Yuan Dynasty, not a ghost.’
Wei Youfang is another me.
Ignore Wei Youfang’s mind and continue to explain. For half an hour, Wei Youfang just managed to figure out the situation.
It is assumed that Wei Youfang knows that the known universe has a fairly limited boundary, and each boundary has its own operating rules, but each interface is not stable, and interface factors often invade. Generally, the invasion is very small, such as genetic mutation of a species on the earth or strange dreams of someone. These may all be interface intrusions, but this black hole makes Wei Youfang’s boundary unstable, and it is said that the boundary wall of the meta-boundary is unstable when it is invaded by multiple boundary factors, so a similar crossing event occurs. In order to maintain stability, the King of Boundaries created the Immortal Practice Assistant System to help the Yuan Dynasty travelers to absorb energy from all walks of life to maintain the stability of the world. This is what Wei Youfang said. He was chosen to recruit children, but the King of Boundaries would not stop these, because once a boundary was destroyed, all kinds of chaos in the boundary would be destroyed at the same time. However, since a boundary could have a boundary level, the King of Boundaries of other boundaries could not help the King of Boundaries of the Yuan Dynasty to help him choose a person to absorb energy, just as the people of the earth would not give their own names to this boundary, and the practice assistant system of the Yuan Dynasty
Then what is my situation now? What the hell is this green?’
It’s not so easy for your race’s Goblin people to cross the border. You just compress your soul and then come here. The body is randomly selected by the known race in this world and then reshaped. This consumes much less energy than bringing the body.’
Goblin, I’ll talk about the green monster? Cannon fodder monster? Novice monster?’ Wei Youfang lamented, but fortunately, it was a male Goblin. If it was a female Goblin, I would choose to commit suicide.
Then how can I absorb energy and repair Yuanjie? I always have to go back to repair it.’
Trying to be strong is the only way to go back. When you have enough node energy, you can go back through me.’