In this way, after killing four people in the village, Anu took Luo Yu to settle down temporarily, and Taoling Village in this village became a small Anu with three points in one acre.
Although there was not much food in Taoling Village, there were still some coarse grains and drinks, so Anu decided to take a day off in this village.
It’s not too late to wait until you’ve had enough to eat and drink, and then to stay awake after sunset and find your way.
But … As the sunset approached, the quiet thing suddenly became noisy outside Taoling Village.
I saw a group of six or seven people walking with a fat old man who was blocked by a big mouth and bound with flowers.
At this moment, someone in the team spat and complained, "Bah, it’s really unlucky to meet this old bald donkey after a busy day."
Others said with relief, "Be content! At least it’s better to have meat to eat tonight than to be brothers who are starving to death in the hands of those folding heroes. "
"Also … I wonder how much meat the castellan will share with us?"
"Look at this old man’s fat … Gee … I guess he can wait for me to eat for a few days!"
A savage man angrily kicked the fat old man and urged, "Let’s go!"
Then they all said, "Hum ~ This old bald donkey is full of fat and has few lean meat words, but it makes people’s brains swell and ache."
One side of the barren man smiled, "~ this is all blocked. Does my brother still hurt?"
The humanitarian "yes ~ true his niang fantastic! This mouth is blocked, but I always feel that my head is buzzing … "
Someone responded with a wry smile, "Isn’t it?"
After a while, the deserted minions have arrived at the gate of their own village.
Seeing that the village gate is micro-merged and there is no bolt, they don’t doubt it, so they pushed the door noisily and pushed in.
"Report to the castellans …?"
I didn’t wait for the minions to finish, but I saw a little girl coming out of the hall!
The minions were startled at the sight!
"This … this is?"
Chapter 61 Good old bald donkey casing has two women.
"Report to the castellans …?"
Sanying Village in Taoling waited for all the minions to finish laughing, but only to see a little girl dressed up from the hall!
The minions were startled when they saw that the girl was watery but only about ten years old!
"This … this is?"
At present, the little girl seems to have just washed her face, and soon her tied hair is still wet, and her face is pink and white, with big eyes and round eyes, but her nose is small and exquisite, and her eyebrows are curved, and her mouth is chewing with a small half of a thick cake.
The bearer is the little Anu after washing for nothing.
The most important thing is that Anu still has a long rusty knife in his back at the moment, but his hands are holding his own castellan’s inseparable double-edged straight knife!
They looked at each other when they saw the shock.
They know that their castellan loves this pair of knives and implements, but it’s really strange that they have fallen into the hands of this girl!
The short three clown seems to be a bit silly. He looked at Anu with amazement and asked, "Ah!"! When did you rejuvenate yourself, Castellan? "
All right, this fool, linear brain circuit, emotional recognition knife, does not recognize people. Whoever takes the male and female double knives should be the owner of his own village!
As soon as his voice fell, others gave him a solid hijab and cursed at the same time, "Bah ~ blind you stupid dog. This is a girl!"
There is no need for that fool to wake up suddenly by touching his forehead and giggling. "Oh, that’s it. No wonder our castellan is clean in vain … Hehe, it turned out to be a daughter!"
And he didn’t forget to lick his chapped thick lips and look like a pig brother.
But at this time, the fat old man who was being tied up by them somehow broke the rag in the mouth!
He exhaled at the same time and looked at the left and right wild people with deep affection and bitterness. "It’s said that if you don’t listen to the old man, you will suffer. I don’t think it’s good to put a butcher knife in your time …"
Before you finish, you are already glaring. King Kong is a fist and fist to serve a good fat beat, accompanied by HeWen.
"Slaughter knife, right?"
"The deadline will be right?"
"Old man, right?"