Then the Phantom of the Opera headed for a certain area marked in the map, followed by nearly a hundred ships. Many star cruise ships dragged external warehouses to form a fleet, which was very similar to the large-scale commercial association of out-of-bounds galactic activities.

Lin momo returned to his daily life and practiced with the fallen blade every afternoon, specializing in pharmacy knowledge every afternoon, dealing with things simply at dinner and practicing in actual combat at night by Payne and others.
After ten days of sailing, the fleet has flown out for 10,000 light years, and then it will enter the exploration area with frequent zerg activities. On this day, the Phantom of the Opera suddenly stopped not far away, and the B-class mirage stopped and slowly turned the hull as if it were covered with diamond armor. The snail shell volume is almost the same as that of Jack, who is now in charge of mirage.
Generally speaking, few B-class mirages enter public areas, and people can be completely self-sufficient. Besides, there are powerful forces behind them, which are all aimed at high-end customers’ expenses on ships. The sudden visit of a strange caravan to the ninth grade of Brother Wu surprised the managers here.
Mirage opens the door to do business, and everyone is a guest, so it is easy for the fleet to enter the berth. The crew slid from the cable to see this class B mirage, which has never happened in a century.
"Ha, ha, ha, there really is a class B mirage here! Developed, I want to be developed. "A small shop owner rushed out of the spaceship and ran to the commercial street without saying anything.
Lin momo felt lucky first, the news was accurate second, and there were many twists and turns. At the beginning, five units of refined crystal were exchanged for hundreds of times of information in return. No matter what the robot tried, this was definitely a super gift.
"Captain, hurry up! Half a step later will lag behind these crazy millions of light years. "Payne’s face is very excited. His Edward family gentleman not only went to the out-of-bounds galaxy, but also came to the B-class mirage. He didn’t even think about it a few years ago, but today it is easily realized.
Lin momo exhorted, "Let’s keep in touch, don’t buy whatever is good, and pay attention to the cost performance. Pei Lin will come with me to your free activities."
The crew dispersed in a hubbub. After everyone left, Mr. Pei Lin took hold of Mr. Lin in a "little woman" way. "It’s good for Sisso to go shopping with you! Sister Sasha said that women should be gentle and understand men’s hearts. Do you think Pei Lin is good? "
Lin momo smiled evasive light answer "sasha said? Even if she can’t do it herself, she will teach you. I’m really Pei Pei Lin. She has always been very good and gentle. She doesn’t deliberately pursue the fast-moving arbitrator. There must be a lot of things to carry when the robot comes with me. "
Pei Lin just dressed up when she was grasping, which made people feel pure and free from vulgarity. When she heard Momo’s words, she hesitated slightly and said, "Do you need to bring robots to go shopping? This is not very good, is it? "
"Shopping can wait until after the goods are swept. Now it’s important," Lin Sisuo said as he searched for the refined crystal carried by the light armor and found the fragments of the fallen blade. After that, the light armor was further expanded to three meters in length and width, which can hold many valuables.
"Okay, I’ll call the robot." Pei Lin nodded. She grew up in an orphanage and was a naughty child, Phantom of the King. In the past few years, she gradually found a home, and her feelings gradually became quiet, but she was not as bold as when she was a child. Maybe her nature should be like this, but she was always cautious when she obeyed her feelings blindly, which made her lose many opportunities.
The two of them officially entered the B-class mirage. From afar, like a honeycomb street lamp embedded in the wall, a beautiful woman suddenly appeared and received politely. "Good afternoon, I am the shopping guide No.17. What do you need?"
Lin momo looked around here. It was deserted except for the fleet brought by Jack. After looking at it, it seems that no outsiders casually said, "Please guide the evolution of Star Cruises. I believe you have advanced materials here."
"No problem, please come with me." The beautiful woman smiled and flew to a hexagonal gate without touching her feet.
"Hum advice? There is no such thing as a benefit for no reason. If you want to get advice from the old man, you have to pay 500 units for crystal refining exchange. I can best suggest whether you should consider it yourself. "The old man closed his eyes and answered the question, and the price was higher than Lin momo expected.
Volume 3 Out of bounds! Mirage Chapter 175 Suggestions
Lin momo know like this long-term exploration area walking master offer it’s hard to bargain the old man if you’re not happy, then keep silent for the future of Phantom of the Opera, five hundred units of refined crystal again calculate what? A grind and a stamp took out five hundred units of refined crystal.
"What you said is unreasonable. There are no benefits for no reason, so please give me some advice." Lin momo’s love is over. Although the five hundred refined crystals are an extra guide, many plans have been made to make the plan lose the five hundred units of refined crystals, which will definitely lose a profit.
The old man raised his eyebrows and still said unhurriedly, "If you look good and have sincerity, then I will give you some suggestions. It is also indispensable for you to continue to speed up the cruise ship!" Since it is a mid-star range limit test, it should be the abyss warship type, so you can go through an extra ecological type evolution and then a defensive type evolution, and you will get up seven times to estimate the evolution value. Well, balance is the balance of the king. Go back and savor it! "
"Additional transformation? How is this possible? " Pei Lin exclaimed that the Phantom of the Opera has developed towards the type of abyss warships. It is not worth the loss to make a hodgepodge.
"Believe it or not, the old man has a tough tone and continues to repose there."
Lin momo suspicious conduits in the heart "according to the old words can star cruises developed into a powerful type? Let’s not say whether the charm can have so many types. It’s very confusing to superimpose each other. When you go back, you should consult Harley carefully before deciding whether to take this risk. "
"That’s good, please ask your predecessors to show me how to buy materials." Lin momo is gracious and respectful
"Go to the corner and have a look. As I said, each department will give you a 30% discount." The old man’s eyelids seem to be a little impatient.
Lin momo followed the instructions to buy a circle and found that the old man’s pointing position was always wandering around. Perhaps these leftover bits and pieces were needed by the D-class star cruise ship’s lack of quality.
"Peacock helps me detect these materials." Lin momo secretly took out the metal and asked.
Scanning light brushed the peacocks one by one and said in surprise, "No! These materials are very common, except for the unknown origin of the black stones, and there is not much place for the Phantom of the Opera. "
"Are you sure?" Lin momo sniffed out a bad smell and turned to look at the old man sitting on the desktop and thought, "This guy won’t be cheating, will he? However, it is difficult to make people suspicious when they see that Phantom of the Opera has gone through the ultimate test and that the B-class mirage has such a large shop. "
"I won’t admit that my memory chip has not aged to that extent," Peacock replied firmly.
Lin momo gestured to appease Pei Lin and then came to the old man and asked, "You said that these materials can help us to upgrade the star cruise ship, but they have been identified."
"Idiot old just give you the best advice? Let the boat constant wave tree people transform into different types for seven times. These raw materials will always be sent to the field. You can also choose those precious materials. Since you can identify them yourself, don’t ask me. "The old man said nothing and his face was expressionless.
"Peacock helps me to choose and see what kind of raw materials are needed for different types of development." It’s really difficult for Lin momo to meet such an alternative shopkeeper.
The metal is divided into scanning light to delineate hundreds of raw materials. There are many raw materials, and the peacock is not sure about the blind cat’s death. Take some and finally pay nearly one thousand units to get it done by the crystal refining department.
Arbitrator robot generates a force field and returns to the ship with materials. Lin momo specially analyzes the peacock method in the corner to analyze the black stones. Whether it is brought back for further research is generous and extra.
After sweeping the goods, Lin Sisuo and Pei Lin introduced to the equipment store that the funds are getting more and more tight and they need to spend carefully.
Lin momo don’t know is after he and Mr Lin left the hall, the old man suddenly opened his eyes and picked up a crystal box with big die shaking with laughter.
"Ha ha ha kid really good cheat! So get rid of those old materials. I’m a genius, and I’m a genius owner, and I’m not bah! This refined crystal won’t worry about eating and drinking for several years, and will never work for the stingy old man again! " The old man kissed the crystal in his arms with tears, followed by a smirk.
In fact, the old man is not the owner. When the owner goes out, he lets the centenarian "little buddy" take care of the business.
This "little buddy" spent half a generation in a B-class mirage, and he also had some experience. Some elite star cruises experienced extreme trials in their early years. At ordinary times, the "little buddy" likes to study the data and put on a tall look, which blindfolded Lin momo in a few words.
However, the advice given by the "little buddy" is not aimed at the target, but a few decades ago, I heard a story from a 600-year-old shopkeeper that a D-class star cruise ship tried to change to different types thousands of years ago, and finally it developed into a four-unlike image, which was delayed for a hundred years before the theory of sorting out the context and developing in a higher direction should be feasible to find different kinds of cosmic wonders, thus becoming a kaleidoscope type with super versatility.
Lin momo is lucky or unlucky, but he always believes the old man’s words for seven points. According to the suggestion, it is a little longer to stay in the D class at most, but the potential behind the Phantom of the Opera is huge and quite worthwhile.
Mankind is always full of beautiful expectations for the future. From today on, Phantom of the Opera has many uncertainties.
"Siso elder brother, look, this is a creative teacher." Pei Lin stared enviously at the numerous metal beads in the glass cabinet.
These silver-bright metal beads have wonderful magnetism and are constantly combined into various shapes, including kittens, dogs and characters.
Don’t be fooled by their commonness. Metal beads have great kinetic energy. It is more powerful to combine them into weapons or armor than to develop liquid-assisted robots by the military.
Lin momo shook his head and said, "No, it’s too expensive. Jack gave me a list to buy flour products, but if you like, I can help you change your equipment. Your chain mail is also good."
Pei Lin knows the difficulty of Phantom of the Opera. At present, the crew level is not high, and it is still far away from being independent. Everything will be carried by the captain. The most important thing is to raise the Phantom of the Opera.
"No that mail is a size bigger than me. I believe Nian fits me well." Pei Lin said cleverly that Lin momo couldn’t help but feel a warm heart.
"Go these things can’t afford to settle for second best. Siso will buy you some mechanical parts." Siso Lin is not a rich class B mirage. This place is even more poor. If it is not supported by the loan of 5,000 units, I really can’t come here to sweep goods.
Then buy materials according to Jack’s list. The real hot items are products of Zerg territory, such as some rare plants and zerg carapace, which makes Lin momo move his mind. Maybe he will take out some centrifugal grass and bitter branches and leaves and sell them in the goods, emphasizing that the special performance is enough to make a fortune.
It is not easy for parents to consider all aspects of things.
Five thousand units of crystal refining cost like running water to go out and accidentally buy an increase in the number of knives. The weapon system hurriedly called Harley and Payne to the side to be responsible for this matter.
In her spare time, Linxi Suopeilin decided to take a good look around and enter the Class B mirage. There are few opportunities. The Milky Way is so vast, and the probability of landing here for dozens of times is very small.
Walking next to the shop, Lin momo bought some interesting gadgets and brought them back as gifts for everyone.
Two hours later, Lin momo suddenly came out of his strange eyes and said, "Mr. Lin, you go back to the boat and rest first, and I’ll look at the front."
"There is nothing ahead?" Pei Lin looked at a cold alley and was puzzled by the captain’s trip.
"Listen, there are some places where you can’t see, but I can see them, but I can take you there or I can get Cui Hetang and Connor to accompany you?" Lin momo never left the alley when he spoke.
"Don’t! Connor often annoys me, and Cui Hetang is better. "Pei Lin said, jumping the arbiter, and the robot cocked its mouth and ran away."
Lin momo watched Mr Lin leave suddenly step foot to form a golden flame followed by another step.
"Whoo …"
Gas as if burning Lin momo rushed into the alley and strangely stepped on the flame and then cut straight into it.
One of the beautiful women was standing in front of a pretty girl when she saw someone coming and said, "Welcome to the secret shop. Only those powerful Brother Wu can find this place. This is the first time to receive such a young guest."
"Secret shop?"
Lin momo immediately came to the fun. His strength naturally couldn’t find the gate. The sinking blade felt the subtle energy fluctuation and chased it to squeeze into the depths of the alley a little.
The beauty explained, "The secret shop is a major feature of our place. You can buy a lot of limited items at a low price, and you can also find many strange things, even your own belongings, to exchange and wake up your supervisor. The trader is eccentric and tries to be neither supercilious nor servile, so there is no problem."