Lord Heishaling couldn’t help but look back.

The sight scared the daylights out of him and his legs went weak!
See not far behind him is a purple light galloping, extremely fast, like a flash!
The distance between the two is rapidly narrowing!
Although I can’t see clearly, Lord Heishaling knows that this purple light is the monster beast named Mo!
Escape technique
One-style escape method in Purple Tactics
Although this type of escape method is not comparable to the outbreak and speed of blood escape, it is not good for the body.
"My Lord, forgive me!"
Lord Heishaling couldn’t escape, but suddenly he turned to Sumena’s head and shouted, "I am willing to be a minister!"
The distance between them is extremely close.
Lord Heishaling was frightened, inexplicable and flustered, and seemed to have given up resistance.
If you change your life, you will be on your guard at this time.
But just as Lord Heishaling’s mouth flicked his tongue, a roll of black light spit out and went straight to Su Mo alongside of.seem to stab!
The instrument that was actually taken away by Xuanci Mountain is not his life instrument.
This black poison needle is!
This black poison needle is the strongest poison in his body, that is, scorpion tail poison, which is refined day and night.
Toxic, even pure blood fierce beasts may not be able to stand it!
With this skill, he has survived several times!
There are many middle-ranking demons in the vast Demon Valley, and he can’t be a Lord without a little truth!
It’s a pity that he may have this means to deal with others.
For Su Mo, it has no effect.
Su Mo cultivated the Secret Book of the Wild Lich King. With the help of spiritual awareness, Lord Heishaling turned around and instantly he smelled the crisis!
His right eye suddenly showed a dazzling brilliance in generate, like a hot sun hanging!
The surrounding rain evaporates instantly.
Pupil surgery Candle dragon eye!
A beam of light passes through the virtual wipe, and the black poison needle instantly disappears into Lord Heishaling’s forehead and penetrates the whole head!
Both sides are too close.
It also means that Lord Heishaling can’t hide from this killing trick!
No blood dripping.
Has long been burned and scorched
The black poison needle glows dim and falls.
Candle dragon watched his life, and all the instruments were useless!
Lord Heishaling stared at his eyes and his expression was still ferocious, but his eyes showed a trace of consternation.
He really didn’t think that he would kill Su Mo so easily.
He didn’t even think that in an instant he was already here!
One of the lords is dead
He will never have a chance to return to Heishaling!
Su Mo looked indifferent, waved his sleeve robe, rolled up the bag of Lord Heishaling, and turned back without looking at his body.